Low-Carb Keto Fasting Meal Plan Menu Week 35

Ketogenic Low Carb Meal Plans sent right to your email each week!

Whether you’ve just begun eating a low carb or keto diet, or you’ve been doing this a while, one thing remains the same, we all need to be prepared in order to stay focused and on this lifestyle. To me, this is not a “diet”, it is a sustainable way of living, a life style for those of us who feel our best on a low carb keto diet.

It doesn’t even matter whether you are considering yourself low carb or keto, all that remains the same is that it is a lower carb diet than the SAD, (Standard American Diet). It works for you and that is all that matters, whether you eat 50 carbs a day or 20 carbs or less a day, you do what is best for you. 

The thing that works for me, and I’ve been doing this a long time, is planning my meals. If I have no plan, I often succumb to keto snack foods, like pork rinds, Perfect Keto bars, olives, nuts, Epic beef jerky, etc. And while those things aren’t necessarily bad, they are great for a grab-n-go when you are really in a pinch, but they are not a real whole food type of meal if you know what I mean. 

That’s where my meal planning membership will help you! It’s easy, done for you shopping list and menu for the week to feed the whole family. You can choose between Low Carb or Keto! The low carb meal plan has no more than 30 carbs per day and the keto meal plan has no more than 20 carbs per day. Make your life easier with meal planning done for you!

Week 35 menu is up today and will be emailed out to members. This means you can get started this weekend! TRY OUR FREE SAMPLE PLANS!

Our membership is simple. You can subscribe for a month to try it out or you can subscribe for a yearly membership. Each Friday you will get a meal plan that comes to your email. You’ll have that early in order to go  food shopping before the meal plan begins on Sunday. You will be able to view and print the meal plan and the shopping list. If you don’t like a meal, simply delete it and swap it with another meal you like. The shopping list will automatically adjust. It’s the best software available out there for a customizable menu plan. Not many other low carb or keto meal plans allow  you the option to remove,  add, start with a blank menu and create your own if you so wish. 

You can choose from Three Meal Plan Options:

  1. Low Carb Meal Plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with 40 net grams of carbs or less per day. 

  2. Keto Meal Plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with 20 net grams of carbs or less per day.

  3. Intermittent Fasting Keto Meal Plan includes 2 meals per day plus one protein/fat rich snack daily with no more than 20 TOTAL carbs per day.

Here’s a glimpse of just a few recipes that are on our meal plan this next week ahead!


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