Low Waste Hygiene Essentials

There has, necessarily, been an increase in the use of hand sanitisers and hand wash over recent months but they are also contributing to plastic waste, with less than 10% of all plastics either being reused or recycled. 

Here are our favourite low-waste hygiene products to help reduce plastic consumption and make an impactful difference.  

Beauty Kitchen Hand Sanitiser

It’s estimated that over ~10 million plastic hand gel bottles will be used in the UK this year, and unfortunately most will not be recycled. 

Most hand sanitisers on the market also contain microplastics, which are one of the environments most detrimental forms of plastic. The entire cycle and movement of microplastics in the environment are not yet fully known, but recent studies suggest that this smaller, micro-version of plastic is much more harmful, with an estimated 40 million tonnes of microplastics resurfacing across the world’s shorelines each year. 

One brand working to create effective, sustainable hand sanitising alternatives is Beauty Kitchen. Beauty Kitchen’s natural alternative to synthetic hand gels effectively sanitises your hands whilst reducing  plastic waste. Made up of 62% organic ethanol with added aloe vera and other essential oils to protect skin barriers, this light and refreshing scented hand gel is a great low-waste alternative to consider. 

Beauty Kitchen also offers a return, refill and repeat scheme. Which means that when you’re finished with your hand gel, you can post empty bottles back to Beauty Kitchen to kickstart the packaging life cycle.


Beauty Kitchen Hand Wash

Another low-waste essential hygiene product from Beauty Kitchen worth mentioning is the Sustainables Botanic Bliss Vegan Hand wash, particularly if frequent hand washing is causing irritation.

Suitable for people who may be prone to eczema and psoriasis, Beauty Kitchen’s unique blend of tea tree and manuka kills harmful bacteria, whilst leaving skin smooth and moisturised. Completely free from triclosan, the ingredient that contributes to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, this gentle pH-balanced hand wash is infused with all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, like organic coconut, may chang and rosemary oils. Aptly nicknamed the ‘herbal hands hero’, this aromatic 100% naturally -derived hand wash leaves hands feeling cool, clean and refreshed.

View our complete range of low-waste Beauty Kitchen essentials online.


Faith in Nature Soap

Faith in Nature’s collection of locally manufactured body wash and soaps are each made from natural plant-derived ingredients and the packaging is fully recyclable. We love Faith in Nature’s new gentle, fragrance-free soap. Made from wild-harvested seaweed which is favoured among dermatologists for its antioxidant properties and rich mineral content, this low-waste soap alternative is particularly useful for those who suffer from sensitive skin. 

If you prefer a scented soap,  we recommend the low-waste Faith in Nature lavender soap. This natural regenerative formula features a blend of lavender oils that are known to help to soothe inflammation and stimulate cell growth. Particularly useful for those of us who are suffering from dry hands due to frequent washing.


Haoma Hand Sanitiser

Winners of the best hand sanitiser award in the Wellbeing Awards 2020, Haoma’s range of organic antibacterial hand sanitisers are made from 96% pure, fair-trade sugarcane ethanol. Proven effective by WHO, this lab-tested, specially formulated sanitiser is an effective antiviral blend of natural ingredients designed for everyday use. The organic tea tree and sweet orange essential oils work to keep hands clean, fragrant and protected against germs. 

These simplistic, pocket-sized sprays are also bottled in Miron Violet glass, a specially-formulated violet glass that works to preserve natural ingredients and protect products from light, meaning the Haoma hand sanitiser is able to obtain it’s natural, antibacterial properties for much longer than traditional plastic bottles. 


Tabitha Eve Face Masks

Research by OceansAsia suggests that discarded, single-use plastic face masks are set to cause significant harm to the environment.

Most of the industrial-strength face masks are made of polypropylene, which is a plastic property that takes several years to break down and inevitably breaks into micro-plastic particles, which are a lot worse for the planet. Cloth masks are a low-waste alternative that can be washed and reused multiple times. If you’re looking for a cotton mask covering for everyday use, Tabitha Eve’s face masks are made from 100% cotton, bamboo and natural rubber and we love the watercolour print.

Please note, the Tabitha Eva face masks are not intended for medical use, this mask is designed to be worn in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. 


Fushi Hand Lotion

Fushi, is a British family-owned and operated brand with ayurvedic heritage. Creating sustainable low-waste hygiene alternatives from family recipes handed down through generations, Fushi’s unique blend of natural and organic formulas are specially designed for those who demand more from their regular moisturisers and lotions. 

For general, all-skin protection, Fushi’s new antibacterial hand lotion, the Purifying Neem and Tea-Tree lotion, seeks to provide sustainable and affordable skincare for those looking to lower their waste impact. This versatile, all-natural lotion fuses the antibacterial properties of tea tree, with the purifying abilities of the neem herb, with an uplifting lemon scent. Keeping the skin fresh, clean and hydrated, this clever formulation is packaged in a reusable earth-friendly glass bottle.