Make your Holiday baking Healthier

According to the American Heart Association, the fat found in butter can raise LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, which can up your chances of developing heart ailments. We have already decided to give flour and sugar a miss this time. To this list let’s add butter and oil too.

  1. Unsweetened Apple sauce is the best candidate. Apple sauce will provide natural sweetness and some extra moisture. Your baked goods, especially bread, cakes, and muffins will come out the best as it does with butter.
  2. If you are preparing chocolate recipes then you can use Mashed avocado. The creamy texture and mild flavor of Avocado will go very well with bittersweet chocolate. Also, the dark color of chocolate will completely mask avocado’s green color.
  3. Mashed banana is another ingredient that you can use to replace butter. Banana has the creaminess of avocado and sweetness of apple sauce. Also, it is rich in potassium which helps in blood sugar regulation.

One could also try fig, prune, plum, or pear puree in place of butter depending on what kind of recipe you are planning to follow.

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