Male diet to lose belly

Although diets and diets are more associated with women, in recent decades the interest in a healthier lifestyle has also gained greater sympathy among men. Perhaps due to the fact that information today is made more widely, people have come to understand better what habits are responsible for excess fats, and the concern for health and aesthetics has started to affect a greater number of people.

The physical differences between men and women , in terms of weight loss and belly loss, are not great. The biggest difference that exists between the two genders is how each one deals with the factors of health and aesthetics. In our society women have always received more demands on appearance, posture and physical form. Most men, in the past, didn’t care about that. Tastes apart, in our society men, not so long ago, were much more “relaxed” when compared to women.

Concern about health, lifestyle and belly loss has taken on huge proportions in the past two decades. Men started to take better care of themselves and to behave in certain habits related to gender. Who has never met a man who is proud of his protruding belly? There are even people who find it charming, but the focus of this article is not the taste and attraction that each one has, but the increase in people’s awareness of their bodies and health.

The purpose of this article is to talk a little about the male diet to lose belly, taking into account the specific needs that men have in relation to weight loss, both with regard to food and physical exercises, as well as the habits rooted in our culture

What is a Male Diet to Lose Belly? 

“Male diet to lose belly? What do you mean? ”, You may be wondering. Usually when we talk about diet we do not distinguish between women and men. Both have recently been concerned with health and fitness in recent times, increasingly occupying the gyms and hiking trails in the parks. More aware of what they put in their dishes and in their family’s dishes, people became more aware of the importance of having a balanced and healthy diet.

The benefits of physical activities, as long as they are done responsibly and according to the individualities of each one, also became the subject of several studies and discussions in virtual forums, blogs and several other discussion groups, always with the purpose of spreading the word. importance of regular physical exercises.

Obviously, over time, there has been an increase in men’s interest in the topic. Today, when we go to a gym or a park, we can see that the number of men who practice physical activities, combined with a balanced lifestyle, is almost proportional to the number of women. However, the difficulties that men sometimes have in getting answers to their doubts remain an obstacle for this number to increase.

It is not uncommon for people to turn to websites and blogs looking for different diets and exercises specific to their purposes. However, when information is not obtained, the fact usually ends up causing frustration and, often, a gradual disinterest in the subject.

It can be said that the male diet to lose belly is a very specific thing, and people are not always able to get help from those who understand the topic. Not that weight loss and belly loss are not themes that are repeatedly explored by the media and people on a daily basis, but the lack of correct information is often demotivating. Next, we’ll talk about the differences in diet between men and women.

The Differences of the Female Diet and the Male Diet to Lose Belly

Hormonal and metabolic differences are the main cause of many times that the diet has to adapt to the fact that its follower is a man or a woman. Although it is not a rule, it is possible for men to get thinner more easily due to the fact that their metabolisms are faster. The amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that each should eat are not determined by sex, but by factors such as height, weight, age and physical activity of each individual.

Calorie burning is also influenced by factors such as health status and physical activity, not limited to sex. The need for proteins tends to be greater on the part of men, as they generally need a higher caloric intake, which ends up leading to a greater intake of proteins.

Regarding the hormonal differences between men and women, the hormonal change that happens during the menstrual phase makes women feel more hungry, in addition to feeling the typical symptoms of PMS and presenting body swelling.

Food is the key factor for weight loss and good health. As seen throughout this article, women are generally more likely to consume fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich foods due to their greater concern for fitness. The consumption of these foods is important for both sexes. Food education, aiming at a better distribution of nutrients in the diet, therefore, should be done by both women and men who seek weight loss and belly loss.

Following the Male Diet to Lose Belly

Now that you have read about the differences between men and women that can influence the diet and the weight loss process, let’s explore more about the male diet to lose belly.

In the modern history of our society, men have largely (and perhaps still do) exaggerated, especially when compared to women. Beer and barbecue with friends, clubbing, sedentary lifestyle, lack of interest in subjects that explore the importance of physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet are some of the reasons we can cite for being overweight and for the undesirable tummy of men . Losing weight is much more difficult than gaining, right? For this reason, finding a male diet to lose belly can be quite a chore.

We can say that the process of losing belly is the most complicated part of losing weight, this is due to the fact that this region is prone to the accumulation of localized fats, in addition to many times the lack of muscle toning further accentuate the presence of fat in the abdomen. It is easy to find someone who managed to lose weight, but who continued to have a belly. But what if we tell you that it is possible to decrease your belly by about 9 centimeters within 3 weeks?

With the male diet to lose belly, this may be possible. There is a large proportion of men who manage to lose weight, lose weight and reduce their bellies, and this is something very exciting. What differentiates those who managed to lose their stomachs and those who did not succeed are not only the individual factors, but mainly the form of will added to the actions taken.

It is worth mentioning that the purpose of a diet is not to provide weight loss in a miraculous or magical way, but rather to facilitate weight loss on a daily basis with a nutritious and healthy diet, combined with the practice of physical activities. This process must be done gradually and consciously, and it is extremely important that you undergo a medical evaluation with a professional in the field.

Physical Exercises in the Male Diet to Lose Belly

Defining which is the best physical exercise to lose belly is quite difficult, as it varies from person to person. As seen above, losing your belly quickly is not easy, as a diet requires discipline, patience and a lot of willpower. Any diet that promises fast and miraculous weight loss is misleading. The belly and the other regions with localized fats will only decrease with a diet that allows this, in addition to the practice of physical activities, which is essential for the success of weight loss.

The best physical exercises to eliminate fat are aerobic exercises, which make it possible to burn calories and burn fats from all the body. With the whole body working, losing belly is a matter of time. It takes longer to decrease compared to other parts of the body due to the fact that fats located in the belly and hips are the first to settle when we put on weight. Therefore, these are the regions that take the longest time in the process of eliminating fat.

Despite being efficient in fulfilling their functions, localized exercises do not eliminate localized fat, despite strengthening all the regions where they work. Sit-ups, for example, are great exercises for muscle toning in the belly region, but are not able to eliminate fat from the belly. Strengthening the muscles and bones of the region is important, but if you intend to follow the male diet to lose belly, it is important that you know that only aerobic exercises are able to offer fat burning in a satisfactory way.

Physical exercises such as walking, cycling, running and swimming are the most suitable for those who want to lose belly and lose weight. The reduction of measures will happen gradually, and throughout the body. Therefore, it is necessary to persist for the objectives to be achieved.

Practicing aerobic exercise at least 4 times a week leads to increased metabolism, accelerating fat burning. Muscle endurance exercises are also interesting, as they tone the muscles and strengthen the body, in addition to helping to eliminate fat, as increasing muscle mass increases fat burning even when the body is not exercising. Abdominal exercises, at least twice a week, also help to tone the muscles of the belly area, making it stronger and more beautiful.

Male Diet to Lose Belly

As with any diet, certain foods should be avoided or restricted in order for the results to be satisfactory. Therefore, you should avoid consuming:

– Soft drinks, beer and alcoholic beverages

– Fluid intake during meals

– Pasta, white flour and excess carbohydrate consumption

– Red meat

– Industrialized, canned, sausage and fast food

In contrast to the foods that should be avoided on a daily basis, there are foods that should integrate the diet of most people, regardless of the need to lose weight. The following foods contribute positively to weight loss, belly loss and health gain:

– Foods rich in fiber, as they promote the best functioning of the intestine, facilitating the elimination of feces, the dilation of the belly and preventing swelling of the body

– Whole foods (flour, breads, rice, grains)

– Fruits, vegetables, greens and roots

– Light and low calorie foods

Now that you know which foods to avoid and which should be part of your daily diet, check out the male diet menus to lose belly:

Menu 1

For your breakfast:

– A silver banana with a spoon (dessert) of crushed flaxseed seed and half a spoon (soup) of coconut oil

– A jar of low-fat yogurt

– One tablespoon of cereal

For your morning snack:

– Fifteen small units of roasted peanuts with salt

– A fruit stick ice cream

For your lunch:

– Half (shallow) dish of arugula salad with boiled cauliflower branches (three branches) and four cherry tomatoes. Season with half spoon (soup) of extra virgin olive oil

– A catcher and a half of wholemeal pasta with tuna

– A medium grilled chicken or fish fillet

For your afternoon snack:

– A small pot of 0% fat fruit yogurt;

– Six units of starch biscuit.

For your dinner:

– Half plate (shallow) of lettuce salad with three medium slices of tomato, three units of small carrots, one spoon (soup) of chayote, three thin slices of turkey breast, three small units of buffalo mozzarella cheese and one walnut . Season with 1/4 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

For your supper:

– A small kiwi

Menu 2

For your breakfast:

-A slice of whole-grain bread

– A spoon (dessert) of jam

– A glass of nanica banana juice

For your morning snack:

– A cereal bar

For your lunch:

– A serving of lettuce, cucumber salad and two tablespoons of grated carrot

– Two tablespoons of brown rice

– A grilled chicken or fish fillet

For your afternoon snack:

– A bowl of fruit salad

For your dinner:

– A plate of vegetable soup

– A slice of meat

– Two tablespoons of cooked beets

For your supper:

– Two integral cookies

– A lime orange


Whether for women or for men, changes in eating habits (when necessary) combined with physical activity and, above all, willpower, are essential for the diet to be a success. No diet should get you through or exercise beyond your limits. Awareness of how far you can go is essential for the male diet to lose belly to bring positive changes to your health, your body and your life.



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