Men and women have different ways of looking at the diet

Men and women are really very different when facing the challenges of a diet . This can cause certain conflicts that are revealed during medical and nutritional consultations. Often, diets unite. Other times, they even separate couples, who end up understanding that the focus of the life of one would be very different from the life of the other and that the gastronomic binge would be the only bond of the couple. Fortunately, most friction ends up in pizza!

Aesthetics and Health

Women, since they are girls, learn to “close their mouths” before parties and important occasions. Any of them, even the slimmest and most elegant, declare that they would be better off with two pounds less. Thus, they do not hesitate to seek medical offices to achieve an ideal aesthetic standard. They resort to alternative treatments, leaf through magazines in search of novelties to lose weight and agree to any stop. The goal, most of the time, is the search for beauty . And who doesn’t have that concern to throw the first stone!

Men are tough. Although many are already really concerned with aesthetics, they are not mobilized for it. They would even like to reach a weight less, but the appeal is not so strong to give up barbecue and cold beer with friends after football. Unless a fatality changes the story and the most common fact that can make big guys to seek help to lose weight is a heart attack among friends. Yes, just a fatality. Then they run in a flock to the doctor and do all the exams and are finally willing to give up some of their greatest pleasures to reduce their belly. Better late than never!

The unjust difference in metabolism between the sexes

They enter puberty gaining precious and dangerous little fats. They remodel hips and make thighs, taking on female forms. The musculature is small in relation to body fat. This alone explains women’s low basal calorie expenditure. The worst thing about this story is that it tends to get worse due to the progressive reduction in lean mass that occurs over the years and women have a real tendency to gain weight throughout their lives.

They enter puberty only gaining muscle. The rising male hormone in boys guarantees less body fat and more lean mass. Reshape biceps and pectorals. This, in itself, explains the higher basal caloric expenditure of men. Even if they don’t do weight training or sports, their metabolism will always be far beyond theirs. With advancing age, they also lose muscle mass, but the privileged nature of men maintains, throughout their lives, a caloric burn that makes it possible to maintain an adequate weight, even in old age.

Adherence and rigor of diets

From a very early age, women are on a diet. They are used to the ups and downs of losing and gaining weight. Even so, do not hesitate to return to your doctor and nutritionist for new endeavors. They take their diets to the edge of their lives, neither too careless nor too strict. If the boyfriend or husband invites them to dinner, they’ll be right on time. This does not shake their diets, because the next day, there they are again, watching the calories in the food and trying to make up for last night’s wine and dessert.

Men hardly ever diet. When young, they are brought by their mothers and when adults, by their girlfriend or wife. The astonishment comes with the way they look at their menus and their purposes. They follow strictly. If it is to lose weight, we will lose soon! Very little frees them from their commitments to the new menu. They take their diets as a priority in their lives and give up the gastronomic excesses of the weekends. When they relax their guard and leave the regimen , they often put treatments aside for good. They do not know how to resume treatment after a slip.

A conflict to be analyzed

Finally, the man decides to go on a diet and the result is usually surprising. They start to eat more regularly, choose their food better and are disciplined. They are focused on your health and this boosts your treatment favorably. It would be expected that the couples would find another point in common. But, what we observe is the formation of a conflict, where the woman starts to complain about the strict behavior of men, the reduction of social events, the male bad mood facing the deprivation of food and alcohol and even that they are too thin !

They have some reason for this, as the family ends up missing a little moments of greater relaxation and leisure. As diets are for life, the ideal would be to follow a menu without compromising these important moments so much. This would certainly avoid the bad mood or melancholy that we feel in the face of deprivation. And the man is no exception to the rule, as he also starts to behave very differently from what his family is used to.

They also have a point in this, because the strictness of a nutritional plan generally guarantees its success and, in the impossibility of maintaining our commitments to the diet, it is better to avoid the risks of exposing yourself. In addition, at home, things can be more planned and foods more selected, without this meaning monotony or moodiness. Scheduling dinner at home for them can be safer.

The way out of the impasse is to understand that the diet need not be so restrictive and that it can be versatile and flexible. Tours can and should be maintained. Friends are not to be avoided and the couple’s romance cannot lose the charm of a delicious meal for two. For this, it is necessary to understand the possibilities of exchanges and food choices. They are many and allow us to have adequate meals in a canteen, a steakhouse, a “self-service”, or even in a cafeteria! In addition, there are occasions, so important, that it is impossible to follow rules, in fact they become totally unnecessary!



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