Message from Slimming World on Covid-19

The safety and wellbeing of all those who work with Slimming World – our Consultants, members and staff – are our highest priority in these unprecedented times. We are closely monitoring the latest government and public health guidance and following developments daily. We’re prepared to respond promptly to any changes in advice.

In line with public health guidance about hand washing and sanitising, we’ve shared advice with our Consultants to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards in our groups.

If a member doesn’t want to come to group because they’re worried about catching the virus, for instance they’re vulnerable because of age or health conditions, Consultants will be able to gently reassure them that while we understand they might be nervous, at this point the UK government is not advising avoiding small group gatherings. Members can be reassured that we’re putting precautions in place to keep them safe and offering alternatives such as keeping group open longer so that vulnerable members can weigh in before or after group when there are fewer people around. In Ireland, we are looking at options like staggering group times and sessions. However, if members are genuinely worried and decide to stay away, then we are suggesting Consultants keep in touch with them as they would any member who is unavoidably absent, and encourage them to use our online support site, LifelineOnline, until they come back to group.

Our HR and senior management team is in constant contact with all our employees and Consultant franchisees, and monitors staff health and wellbeing daily. All our employees are fully aware of the current guidance around self-isolation, and we encourage and make it easy for staff and visitors to wash their hands regularly and easily across Head Office facilities. 

We are keeping closely in touch with any members of staff and Consultants travelling to and from affected areas. Any staff or Consultants who need to self-isolate, either because of foreign travel, because they been in contact with anyone affected or because they display fever or cough symptoms, are encouraged and supported to do so with the minimum of disruption or hardship. In the case of Consultants who are self-employed we are committed to ensuring that their business is protected so they will be able to continue to support their members in the long term. 

We, our Consultants and staff remain committed to helping slimmers to manage their weight and hope all of our members and partners – and those around them – stay healthy and strong.

Any members with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact their Consultant directly and any partners can get in touch with their personal contacts at the company. Media enquiries should be directed to the PR team via  


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