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Miami Skin Spa is a Brickell-based Medical Spa that offers the latest in Body Sculpting and Skin Rejuvenation services with our award-winning team of nurse practitioners.

Miami Skin Spa is a Brickell-based Medical Spa that offers the latest in Body Sculpting and Skin Rejuvenation services with our award-winning team of nurse practitioners. With our new machinery from top-of-the-industry Cutera, we are able to guarantee excellent results from our various treatment options. Cutera is famous within the aesthetic community for being the “Gold Standard” in the skin rejuvenation and body sculpting fields. Miami Skin Spa is able to deliver the most efficient and holistic approach to achieve your skincare and shaping goals without surgery, injections, or downtime. The future of skincare is today.

We separate ourselves from our competitors by offering services with better and faster results than they can achieve. Also, by offering many types of services we are able to put together a package that addresses several concerns at once. Here at Miami Skin Spa, you will find more natural and trauma-free options and opportunities to achieve your goals than those found at the plastic surgeon’s office. That is why we opened our holistic and natural Medical Spa that focuses on taking care of you first without having to live through the negative effects of downtime, surgical risk, and injections. With decades of experience in skincare and laser technology, our staff inspires our patients with confidence and trust.

Skin Rejuvenation

We have a variety of laser and micro-needling treatments that address almost all skin concerns. Our services include Pico Genesis, Laser Genesis, laser hair removal, laser scar removal, and laser skin rejuvenation.

We also offer a new form of micro-needling called Secret Radio Frequency Microneedling that can address scarring like acne scars and stretch marks, tighten loose, saggy skin as well as rejuvenate skin.

We also offer Hydrafacials that are tailored to patients’ specific skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, and skin tone.

Body Sculpting

Fat Reduction:

TruSculpt iD is the latest and most advanced body sculpting and contouring treatment currently on the market. It uses non-invasive fat removal (thermal lipolysis) to prompt the body to remove fat in a safe and effective manner. The truSculpt iD Body Sculpting and Contouring treatment is tailored to each patient’s individual needs and body shape.

Muscle Sculpting:

We also offer Muscle Sculpting with the truSculpt fleX which compliments the truSculpt iD to give the full luxury truBody experience but will help sculpt your desired form.

Overall physical fitness involves attaining a healthy body composition, which means low body fat and a high percentage of lean muscle mass. A full treatment with the fleX has been proven to increase overall lean muscle mass by over 30% with no downtime.

Laser Hair Removal:

The Cutera Excel HR™ uses combination laser technology that allows for targeted laser hair removal. By alternating between short and long pulse durations, both light and dark skin can safely and effectively be treated. This technology extends past hair removal, as we can also target unwanted superficial vascularities and skin lesions.

Laser Tattoo Removal

At Miami Skin Spa, expect your laser tattoo removal treatment with the Enlighten III Laser to be efficient, painless, and cost-effective with no damage to your skin. Laser tattoo removal is a procedure where the ink in the top layer of the skin’s surface is removed by breaking it apart into smaller particles so that they are dissolved and the body is able to absorb them. This is generally done over several sessions until the tattoo is completely gone with no damage to the skin.

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