Mum comes out of TWO Covid Lockdowns fitter than ever losing 40cm from her tummy!

Longtime Healthy Mummy member Bridget was determined at the beginning of the Covid lockdown not to let it ruin all her hard work and healthy living habits she’d learnt over the previous 5 years.

Despite it being a really difficult time having to live through not just one, but TWO lockdowns, in the last 6 months Bridget has lost over 40 cms from her torso, gained muscle and is looking and feeling fabulous!

“I knew that I would come out of lockdown either fat or fit, I was very determined to come out fit and be the best version of me”

Bridget is living proof that with the right approach, routine and support, even a Global Pandemic won’t throw you off achieving your goals!!

Bridget’s Story

Bridget is a 39 year old mum of 2 from Myrtleford in Victoria. She has been following The Healthy Mummy and The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for the last five years with some great results. She has completely changed her body shape, losing over 140com from her body, most of which came from her torso area.

Bridget says, “I have so much more energy and less bloating. I feel stronger and happy. I’m more organised and my anxiety is a lot more controlled”.

The Ups and Downs of 2020

Whilst Bridget has been enjoying her Healthy Mummy lifestyle, the onset of Covid and the potential for lockdown threw a lot of her healthy habits into jeopardy. But with all the Healthy Mummy knowledge and a huge community of other mums behind her, she knew what she needed to do.

I went into lockdown #1 and I was really bloated and lethargic. I knew that I would come out either fat or fit, I was very determined to come out fit and be the best version of me”.

While Lockdown has been an extremely challenging time for everybody, Bridget found exercise to be a saving grace for her mental health.

She says “Lockdown has been really hard on the mental side of things. It is very isolating and lonely. Exercise was definitely a vital thing for me to keep sane. I really had to focus on controlling what I could control and do only what I I could do in a day.”

With some simple tweaks to her routine, Bridget was able to lose over 40 cms from her tummy area in the 9 weeks of the first lockdown and then concentrated on gaining muscle in the second lockdown.

How she did it

Bridget says, “I kept it really simple, I cut the excuses and made simple changes I could maintain during an already difficult time. I stuck to my routine of getting up early before everyone woke up. I used a mix of the exercises on the Healthy Mummy app, my favourite was the HIIT and Tabata.

I was very lucky and I did lots of walking and running around the trails near my house.

I upped my water intake and ditched the after-dinner snacks.”

The incredible women in our Healthy Mummy community are well known for supporting and empowering each other through health and weight loss goals and as Bridget found, have been super supportive during the difficulties of Covid.

Bridget says, The Healthy Mummy community has been my biggest support especially during lockdowns. I reached out a lot on my really lonely days and have had the most amazing support and inspiration. I have made some amazing friends through the group this year.”

Bridget uses the Healthy Mummy Smoothie range regularly as part of her daily breakfast or snack

“My favourite is the Healthy Mummy Tummy smoothie simply with water or milk as a snack.”

Bridget’s Day on a Plate

Breakfast: Healthy Mummy Smoothie

Snacks: Pretzels or snack bar and fruit

Lunch: Leftover Healthy Mummy dinner or wrap or salad

Snack: Healthy Mummy Smoothie with water or fruit

Dinner: Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal

Dessert: Fruit or hot choc. Lava Mug Cake when I’m really craving sweets!”

There’s no doubt that Bridgets love of exercise from the Healthy Mummy App has also helped her achieve her results.

I love mixing the Tabata and HIIT with interval running. Have had amazing results simply using the app. I would run 1km and then do one session on the app and repeat. So simple and effective”

Bridget Top Tips for mums who feel like giving up

  • Keep it simple. Look for small changes you can do, and let it become a habit and then change something else.
  • Definitely reach out to the Healthy Mummy group and let yourself be sad but then get up shake it off.
  • I definitely find taking it a day at a time is easier to stay on track, not looking at the weeks or months ahead as it can become daunting.

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