Mum loses 12kg, drops 40cm and goes down 2 dress sizes in four months

Katrina Macilroy is long term member of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She joined the Healthy Mummy’s Platinum Lifetime Access in January and seen great results ever since.

The 30-year-old mum from Perth has managed to lose over 12kg, drop 40cm and gone down two dress sizes in just four months.

Now, her tummy is looking so toned and she says she has heaps more energy!

Mum loses 12kg, drops 40cm and goes down 2 dress sizes in four months

Mum loses 12kg in four months and tones her tummy

Katrina decided to take some responsibility for the way she was feeling and says she stopped blaming everything around her.

Katrina Has Transformed Her Body & Lost 10kg

“Since going Platinum in January, I have consistently been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and have lost over 12kgs and over 40cm off my body plus gone down 2 dress sizes,” she says.

“Its not just about weight loss, I am no longer classed as overweight, my blood pressure is normal, my anxiety is so much less than its ever been and I feel empowered.

“For me choosing to go Platinum was a big step, it was a lifelong commitment and to me that was a BIG deal but doing it gave me this sense of accountability, it made me feel like it wasn’t a quick fix but a lifelong journey.”

Katrina loves The Healthy Mummy Smoothies

What’s more, this mama is addicted to The Healthy Mummy smoothies and has one every single day!

“I am a hardcore smoothie addict, I have a smoothie most mornings for breakfast because not only do they taste great, they are quick and easy to make and are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that help me tackle the day,” she says.

“My favourite smoothies are the originals and my favourite flavours are Banana and Choc Fudge.”

Katrina Has Transformed Her Body & Lost 10kg

Because she’s low in iron, Katrina has been drinking the Super Greens.

“They have been a god send as a I suffer from low iron but since having the super greens every day my iron is at a normal level and I am no longer anaemic which is awesome,” she says.

“I also love the Healthy Mummy Skin range, I literally use all the products and to be honest my skin has never looked better, its bright and smooth and clear, its amazing.”

Katrina Has Transformed Her Body & Lost 10kg

What Katrina eats every day

Breakfast: Smoothie

Morning Tea: Fruit/ Yoghurt or veggie sticks and a dip from the challenge

Lunch: Crustless quiche, Zucchini Slice or Hidden Veggie Sausage Rolls

Afternoon Tea: Cake or slice or muffins from the Challenge

Dinner: Creamy Mushroom Bacon Ravioli or one of the lasagnes

Dessert: Something with chocolate from the Challenge

Katrina Has Transformed Her Body & Lost 10kg

“If I’m not having a smoothie for breakfast I absolutely love the banana bread porridge done in the air fryer,” she says.

“My favourite snacks are the carrot cake with cream cheese icing, the choc chip banana bread or the choc tea cake done in the air fryer. My favourite meals are Stovetop Beef Lasagne, the Lasagne Soup or the Mexican Lasagne they are all awesome.

“Also, the Bacon Zucchini Slice, the Creamy Mushroom Bacon Ravioli and the Chicken Mushroom Risotto.”

Workouts on the app

“My favourite app workouts to do are the Fit Beginner and the Get Strong With Natalia they are fantastic and really give me a good burn.”

Katrina’s top 4 tips for success

1.Do your BMR and work out your calories.

2. Take your before photos and measurements/ start slow and trust the process, its not a race or a competition you are just improving you not anyone else.

3. Take your time and be patient with yourself, its not easy changing your life but its definitely doable.

4. Focus on making good choices. Only you can do this and you have to chose to make good choices every day, but all the good choices you make and every positive step you take adds up in the end to awesome results.

Join Katrina on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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