Mum loses her baby weight for a second time with the Healthy Mummy!

Seeing a photo of herself taken at the gym was all the motivation Lisa needed to get back on board the Healthy Mummy train and lose her baby weight for a second time.

Having already shifted 5 kilos and lots of cms off her body after the birth of her first child four years ago, Lisa knew exactly what she needed to do second time around!

So far she has lost 9 kilos is back to feeling healthy and confident.

Mum loses her baby weight for a second time with the Healthy Mummy!

Lisa’s Weight Loss

Lisa Potts from Sydney is 33 with 2 children, aged four and 15 months.

This is the second Healthy Mummy weight loss success story for Lisa. Following the birth of her first baby four years ago, Lisa joined the Healthy Mummy’s 28 Weight Loss Challenge.

She says “I lost 5kg after my first, but a whole lot of cm.”

Lisa’s first weight loss

Lisa’s Defining Moment

Fifteen months ago, Lisa welcomed her second child.

She says “I had a gym session at work and we took a photo and I looked at myself and I knew I needed weight gone. I was playing netball and needed physio for my back every week to get on the court.”

Since then, Lisa has switched to being a Platinum 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member and by using the Healthy Mummy App for its recipes and workouts, Lisa has lost 9 kgs and is feeling so much healthier and confident.

My rest heart rate and blood pressure have dropped significantly and my back is nowhere near as bad as it was.

I’m seeing a much healthier person in the mirror and I’m feeling a whole lot better about myself, much more confident in picking clothes to wear. I even got brave enough to wear short shorts to the gym.’

Platinum perks

“I love being a Platinum member, particular the free postage for plus the extra support group!”

Lisa’s day on a plate.

“I’m focusing on macros at the moment and working with a PT to get more protein in”

Breakfast: “Overnight oats”
Morning Tea: “Fruit and veg”
Lunch: “I’m going through Chicken Breast recipes from the Healthy Mummy App, with veggies”
Arvo tea: “A Healthy Mummy sweet snack”
Dinner:  “A mixture but generally a Healthy Mummy meal from the App”
After dinner: “No sugar dark choc from coles, the one with mint is great!”

Lisa’s Favourites

“Fab recipes! I love the Healthy Mummy Pizza Dough, we do pizzas once a week cause my 4 year old loves them. I also love the Chicken and Chorizo Enchiladas and Bacon and Mushroom Ravioli. For snacks, I cannot go past the chocolate coconut slice!”

Meal Prep Goals

Lisa has also found meal prepping has really helped to keep her organised and on track. She joins forces with friends every month and does a massive meal prep to ensure her fridge and freezer are full of healthy meals and snacks.

Embracing Exercise

Lisa has rekindled her love of exercise and uses both Healthy Mummy workouts at home plus exercises at the gym.

“There are fab workouts in the App. I love the HIIT workouts and Tabata.”

Lisa’s Tips for other mums

  • Take it slow, change one thing at a time, all at once is way too hard.
  • Meal prep for sure, I get too overwhelmed trying to cook every night.
  • Take photos. My weight in kg drops slowly and taking photos has gotten me through the past few months.
  • Be kind to yourself and take it slowly!

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