Mum massively reduces risk of diabetes by losing over 30 kilos in just one year!

Unable to keep up with her children, and at high risk of Type 2 diabetes, Kate knew she needed to make some changes to her lifestyle. She joined The Healthy Mummy and within a year has lost a whopping 31 kilos and no longer needs regular check-ups for diabetes.

Her whole family have also felt the benefits, including her partner who has also lost 12 kilos!

Read about Kate’s amazing transformation below!

Diabetes risk

Kate Netherwood has two young kids who are 4 and 18 months old. During both pregnancies, she had gestational diabetes which meant she was at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

A year ago she was told she would need to be screened annually for the disease. Kate was 124 kg’s and this proved to be the defining moment for change.

Kate says, “I was absolutely exhausted all the time, and living with pretty much permanent heartburn and stomach ache. I couldn’t keep up with the kids, and I was beginning to realise I wouldn’t be around for them if I carried on the way I was going” 

Weight Loss Results – 31 kilos in 1 year!

Kate joined the Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and within just one year has lost over 5 stone and is down to 93 kgs!

“I’ve gone from a size 22-24 to a size 16-18, and I would like to get to a size 14 ideally before my wedding next July (was supposed to be this year, but you know, Covid!)” 

Losing weight in Lockdown

Even during a global pandemic and lockdowns, by following the Healthy Mummy weight loss plans and exercises, Kate was able to lose the weight and is loving the physical and mental benefits.

“Since starting with The Healthy Mummy, I have seen a massive increase in energy, and I am now at far less risk of diabetes. I’ve taken up running, which has had a massively positive effect on my mental health, particularly during lockdown. It’s allowed me to vent off some of the frustration and stress”

Kate’s Day on a Plate

“A typical day will start with Weetbix and milk, or sometimes scrambled eggs and toast. Lunch is usually homemade soup or a salad, and I always have some of the hidden veg sausage rolls prepped, as I find them wonderfully filling and tasty.”

Kate and her family sit down to dinner and all eat a Healthy Mummy recipe from the App.

Kate Family Favourites

Kate’s Favourite Snacks

I tend to be one that wants to snack in the evening so I usually try and have some of the chocolatey snacks prepped.  I make a version of the White chocolate and apricot slice but with dark chocolate and sultanas, which I love. I actually get mild anxiety if I don’t have any prepped and in the fridge!”

Loving the Flexibility

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has over 4500 family friendly recipes in the Healthy App, and Kate has found that being able to adapt meals and track calories has really helped her stay on track.

“I think the thing I love most about The Healthy Mummy is the flexibility, I’m not the most organised but if I’ve not managed to pack a lunch to take to work it’s very rare I can’t find something nutritious that will fit into my meal plan and keep me within my calories for the day. 

I always found with other weight loss plans I would go over my points or my sins, get disheartened and then end up writing the day off.

The Healthy Mummy is so much easier to fit in! So much so, that my other half is following it and has lost 12 kilos as well.”

Kate’s Top Tips for Success

1) Don’t expect too much of yourself, every change is positive, no matter how small. 

2) Forgive yourself a bad day (or weekend) we’ve been so busy this weekend I’ve not had chance to prep and we’ve had a takeaway. I’ll be back on it with the prep tomorrow and it’ll be fine!

3) Enjoy it- don’t force yourself to do exercise you hate because you won’t keep it up! Find stuff you enjoy ( there’ll be something in the app I promise!) and you’ll find it so easy to do and fit in. I love the Boxing workouts and Shauna’s Yoga for core strength. 

Kate also has some great advice for mums wanting to lose weight but don’t know where to start.

“My advice to people trying to lose weight is to just stop making excuses. Start out with little changes and you will find that the big ones come on their own without you really realising it! 

Also- don’t expect miracles overnight, it took me a long time to put the weight on so it’s taken a wee while to come off in a healthy, sustainable way.”

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