Mum of three shares her day on a plate that’s helped her lose 33kg


Shan Butcher has lost 33kg since joining The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge 4.5 years ago, she’s also had 2 healthy pregnancies with the help of The Healthy Mummy.

She shares some of her favourite Healthy Mummy products and recipes that have helped her in her journey. She’s also sharing what her day on a plate looks like and it’s delicious!

Mum of 3 that’s lost over 30kg shares what she eats to get there

Shan Butcher is a 25-year-old mum of three from Tamworth, NSW who has been using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to help her lose weight, get healthy and have healthy pregnancies for the last 4.5yrs.

“I’ve lost 33.5kg with the Healthy Mummy over the last  4.5 years and also have enjoyed 2 Healthy Mummy pregnancies.”

“It’s okay to stop along the way just don’t give up! I have stopped it’s taken me 4.5 years to get here, three babies in that time.”

“I’m so much fitter and have so much more energy! I have never ever been so confident in my body. My mental health hasn’t ever been this good either,” she says.

What are Shan’s go-to Healthy Mummy Products and recipes?

Shan loves to include these Healthy Mummy products into her day to day meal plan:

As for recipes her go-to and favourite recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge are:

  • Nachos
  • Easy Loaded Chicken Bake

Shan’s typical day on a plate

Breakfast: Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothies with skim milk. Cappuccino with skim milk
Snack: On the go snacks, a Protein bar or Banana cake (try this Banana Cinnamon Microwave Mug Cake)
Lunch: Beef Nachos, BBQ Chicken with Veggies
Snack: Fibre One Bar or Wholemeal Choc Chips
Dinner: Beef Stroganoff
Snack: Choc Lava Microwave Cake

Shan’s 3 tips for success

  1. Watch your calories
  2. Set goals to work towards
  3. Stay positive

“It all takes time. It’s okay to stop just don’t ever give up! Anything is possible.”

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written by:

Jodie Humphries

Jodie is a beach-loving dog mum from the Mid North Coast of NSW now based in the Northern Beaches. She loves nothing more than to empower women to live a happier healthier lifestyle.