Mum was inspired to join after reading The Healthy Mummy magazine has lost 13kgs!

Mum of two Candice Austin Girdler noticed her clothes getting tighter when her mum mentioned the delicious recipes she found in The Healthy Mummy magazine. After seeing the inspiring stories from real mums, Candice chose to try The Healthy Mummy!

She signed up as a Platinum 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member, lost 13 kgs, and never looked back.

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After reading The Healthy Mummy magazine this mum decided to change her life!

Candice is a 41-year-old mum of two teenage boys living in The Caves in Central Queensland with her hubby and sons. When she was at her heaviest, she noticed that her clothes were tight. When she was visiting, her mum mentioned The Healthy Mummy Magazine one day, and Candice saw some of the real mum’s stories. She was inspired!

“I think I was at my heaviest weight I had ever been at 106.4kgs and my clothes were getting really tight and uncomfortable.”

“I was out at my Mums place and she was telling me about The Healthy Mummy magazine and the great recipes it has. I started to read through and found the stories of these ‘real’ women to be inspiring. I joined up then and there, becoming a platinum member from that day onwards and have never regretted my decision.”

Since decided to make a change and sign up for The Healthy Mummy, Candice has lost 13 kgs in 9 months, she’s since noticed her weight loss plateau, but she’s still seeing multiple benefits.

“I have lost 13kgs so far, and it’s taken nine months; however, it seems to have plateaued. I am definitely more active, not getting as easily out of breath when walking (I’m an asthmatic) or doing exercise.”

Beyond feeling healthier and better within herself, she’s also seeing her clothes fit better and generally younger and more amazing!

“I’m feeling younger (haha), my clothes are fitting me again and some are actually too big which is an amazing feeling and such a good motivation to keep going.”

Some of Candice’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes, products or workouts!

Candice loves a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast, has a slew of go-to recipes in the app she whips up for the family and loves how easy the workouts are to do and find.

“I love the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and usually have one each day for breakfast unless it’s the weekend where I might have one of the Healthy Mummy breaky recipes like the porridge or pancakes, so yummy.”

“In terms of recipes, a definite favourite in our house is the deviled sausages, stove top lasagne and Peanut Butter bars. I personally love the Oat and Cinnamon Pancakes, Biscoff Overnight Weetbix, Pesto Spinach and Ricotta rolls, Peanut Butter Pie (a bit too much 😬) and Rainbow Smoothie.”

“I alternate between my at home Reformer Pilates, afternoon walk and from the app, the Take 10. I usually combine 3 of the Take 10 exercises – boxing and Pilates – to get at least half an hour of exercise in.”

Candice’s top tips for weight loss and healthy changes success!

  • Take photos – “I wish I had taken more at the beginning in different outfits so I could compare them now and see the actually change in the photos!”
  • Use the app – “It has so many amazing tips and support, counting your daily calorie intake, making sure you are drinking 2L of water and records your exercise, gives you exercise workouts to complete and you can find such amazing recipes to suit the whole family!”
  • Never say never – “This goes for food and weight lose. No food is off limits which is what I love. Every other ‘diet’ says you can’t have chocolate, or you just just have veggies and fruit, no alcohol, and fats are no good. I’ve learnt that I can have a choccie if I want, I just add it to my daily calorie intake, I can have a drink once in a while, it’s good for my mental health to chill and socialise with friends and a drink to unwind.”
  • Never give up –If you have a bad day or week due to what ever circumstances, it doesn’t mean all that hard work is lost. The beauty of The Healthy Mummy is you can just get back on the next day and continue your journey. Enjoy life!!”

And her advice for other mums just starting?

“Pretty much the above…haha! Never give up, slow and steady wins the race, it’s not just about the scales but how you feel both physically and mentally!”

How The Healthy Mummy has also helped Candice save money

Candice hasn’t really noticed how meal planning, meal prepping, and healthy eating has altered her family’s budget. She does have two teenage boys who eat A LOT!

“To be honest I haven’t really taken any notice.”

“I have two sons that eat like horses, Mr 14 being 6ft3 and plays a lot of basketball so eats everything on site and is constantly hungry, so buying enough food to keep up with him costs me a small fortune, haha!”

“In saying that, I make most of my snacks now so I’m not buying bars and things, just grabbing from my stash in the freezer so probably saving a bit in that regard.”

But given the practical use of pre-made snacks to feed her boys, she will see how Healthy Mummy has impacted her family’s budget from now on. She also offers mum’s advice on how to help them prep their family’s budget.

“I will have to take more notice from now on.”

“Roughly Work out what you are eating for the week and make recipes that have some similar ingredients that you can use for multiple recipes.”

We love that Candice was inspired by other real mums sharing their stories, and now she’s one of those mums inspiring others with her success.

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