Mums reveal their incredible TIPS AND TRICKS for weight loss and staying motivated

The Healthy Mummy community  is full of amazing and invaluable information as mums come together to support one another on their health and weight loss journeys. With encouragement from a like minded cheer squad, mums in this community are able to stay motivated and on track with their goals.

And they are happy to share their top tips for success!

We recently asked mums in the community to share that one thing that was key to their weight loss and staying motivated. From meal prepping, to drinking enough water, to fitting in extra squats, mums revealed some awesome weight loss tips and tricks to help inspire other women to succeed.

Mums share their AMAZING weight loss tips!

Cassie Krawczyk has lost 43kg and shares how her reason why keeps her on track

Cassie says, “Have a reason to why you want to lose the weight. Something you can use to keep you motivated. I found my kids was a good focus because I would do anything for them.”

Pamela Fielding says water is key

Pamela says, “Drink more water. I fill my bottles first thing every morning. With them there for me to stare at I have a visual reminder of what I have left to drink.

It helps keep me full, helps my body work well (especially bowels which is fabulous) and I spend so much time peeing there simply isn’t enough time to pick at crappy food!”

Rachel Alroe shared a great tip for sneaking in Squats!

Rachel says “10 squats every time I go to the loo. Doesn’t matter where I am, home, work or out and about in the privacy of a cubicle. I’m sure the people beside me think “what is she doing” but hey it all adds up over the day! 

Flashiest piece of exercise equipment I own.” 

Clare Moore lost 4 kilos in 12 weeks and says success is all in the planning

Clare says “Plan and prepare for success by setting goals and organizing your meals and snacks in advance! I love using my Healthy Mummy diary! #healthymummylife

Rebecca Perkovic has lost a whopping 34 kilos in 9 months and says meal prep is a big help

Rebecca says “Meal prep doesn’t always have to be a big cook up. Just getting yourself organised and meal planning helps, make snacks, freeze fruit.

Every week I print out my menu plan and keep it up in my kitchen. I have a dinner menu on the fridge for the kids so they know what we are having and I don’t hear 50 times ‘what’s for dinner’. I have a folder with all my Healthy Mummy recipes and another for this weeks recipes. When I get my groceries I weigh and cut the meat according to the recipe then freeze.

Every little bit helps and I like to keep it simple.”

Leah Mitchell uses a star system to track her goals

Leah says “I have set two daily goals and one weekly goal. Daily goals are 1. Drink 1.5 litres of water. 2. Do one healthy mummy workout video. My weekly goal is walk 40,000 steps minimum. If I hit my daily goal, I give myself a star. Also having start and end of month measurements in the one place and easy ability to see month to month progress.”

Christine Hamman lost over 20 kilos on the last 12 Week Challenge but doesn’t rely on the scales

Christine says “My number 1 tip is not to rely on the scales, keep moving your body as everything helps along your journey.”

You can read more about Christines amazing result here

Emma Hayward has a great tip to start the dayDetox 101: What happens to your body when you detox?Detox 101: What happens to your body when you detox?

Emma says  “Squeeze lemons and freeze the juice in ice cube trays.. fill a glass of hot water in the morning and pop in your ice cube! Quick and easy and a great start to your day!”

Leah Cassidy shares how water and Smoothies have helped with her weight loss

Leah says “My tips are move your body for at least 30 minutes per day no excuses, keep up your h20 is very important for weight loss. I love the Healthy Mummy shakes as most morning I don’t get time for breakfast and log everything into your App daily helps me stay accountable and on track with my calories for the day. I love all the recipes too I’m getting better with meal prepping!!

Sarah Chidgey likes to incorporate exercise into daily tasks

Sarah says “This is a old photo but my best tip is don’t make excuses –  make time. Here I was prepping veg for dinner while working my legs. Any movement is better then no movement and you would be surprised how you can incorporate exercise into daily tasks.”

Eirini Trajcevski has lost 15kg and shares how this small change has made a big difference

“Glass of water every morning before my morning coffee. A small change, but had made a huge difference in how my days start and how much my body needs water to function!”

Amazing TIPS ladies! Thank you for sharing!!!

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