My 6 Favorite Meatless Meals from Around the Internet

We love creating recipes but we also love enjoying other people’s delicious dishes as well. Today we are sharing 6 of our favorite meatless meals from around the web that grace our dining room table quite often.

Meatless Meals

We started with Meatless Mondays years ago and honestly have enjoyed it so much. We don’t always do it on a Monday…I don’t think that’s really an important part of the idea.

Some of the reasons why we have loved having a meatless meal at least once a week include –

  • saving money at the store!
  • reducing the red meat we eat and thereby reducing our saturated fat intake
  • increasing our plant intake with veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and lentils
  • trying out new recipes

A big part of the Mediterranean diet is eating more plant based meals. Which is different from being vegetarian or vegan. Check out more info in this post – What Does Eating a Plant Based Diet Even Mean?

My Favorite Meatless Meals

While we are proud of the recipes we create here on The Domestic Dietitian, we love making other people’s recipes too!

The following are 6 of my personal favorite meatless meals from around the internet. These are meals that I honestly have made countless times. They are standards in our dinner rotations.

  1. Greek Orzo Stuffed Peppers with Lemony Basil Tomatoes by Half Baked Harvest
Image via Half Baked Harvest

Filling, delicious and just stunning on a plate. I typically serve it with a big green salad with all kinds of veggies.

2. Lemon Herb Pasta Salad with Marinated Chickpeas by Pinch of Yum

Image via Pinch of Yum

A light, fresh and bright pasta dish that comes together quickly and is a family favorite.

3. Healthy Baked Eggplant Parmesan by Andie Mitchell

Image via Andie Mitchell

We’ve been making this for years, it’s that good! I typically serve with a huge salad or this Greek Salad.

4. Sriracha Peanut Naan Pizza by Sara Haas

Image via Sara Haas

This is one of Dan’s favorite dinners. It’s a little spicy but the peanut sauce is so so good and all the flavors together make a delicious dish.

5. Vegetarian Burrito Bowl with Avocado Crema from The Modern Proper

Image via The Modern Proper

This recipe gets a lot of use at our house! It’s so tasty and that avocado crema is the best!

6. Spinach White Bean Gnocchi Skillet from Recipe Runner

Image via Recipe Runner

We’ve shared this multiple times before and we are sharing it again because we love it so much! This dish has everything and it’s all cooked in one skillet. It’s super filling and we cheat by using the vegan kale pesto from Trader Joe’s. It’s fast and a great weeknight meal.

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Last modified: July 19, 2022


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