My Bedtime Routine: Snowboarder Hailey Langland on Her ‘Holy Grail’ of Winter Skin Care

I get tired by around 8 p.m. Especially when it’s cold, your body is working more to produce heat. My nights are pretty routine—eat dinner, hang out for a little bit, watch TV, and catch up on emails. If I need to, sometimes I’ll stretch just before bed, but nothing over 20 minutes.

I’m usually asleep by 9 p.m. I definitely go to sleep earlier than when I was younger, and I really strive to get eight hours. I feel like when I get that full eight hours, I wake up feeling ready to go and less groggy.

I’m usually a really good sleeper, but competitions can mess with it.

My boyfriend likes to say that I could literally fall asleep anywhere, and I think it’s pretty much true. I could be at a concert, and I will fall asleep if my body is telling me to sleep. I did fall asleep at the first football game I ever went to, and I got made fun of by some local dudes who were watching the game behind us. I had just flown in from Europe that morning and I was so jet-lagged. I was asleep at the football game while everyone was cheering. I think some of my friends have photos of me actually asleep.

Typically I sleep really well. This week in particular, I did really well all night, except for the night before finals. I was excited and just ready for it, so I was kind of tossing and turning a little bit. I definitely didn’t go to bed until midnight or so because I was just so antsy and ready for the day to start.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t necessarily sleep as well the night before the contests I do well at. And the ones my sleep is on target for, I may not perform as well the next day for them. Honestly, though, it’s hard to say, because I used to have a Fitbit, and my sleep score would always hit the 80s to 90s. So even if I felt like I didn’t sleep very well, I think I’m probably still getting above average sleep.

I lost my Fitbit, and I’m super interested in getting the Oura Smart Ring because a lot of my friends are using them and they’re not as bulky.

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Oura Smart Ring Generation 3

I have sensitive skin, so my skin-care routine contained a lot of trial and error.

I’ve pretty much tried every product under the sun labeled “sensitive” and “hypoallergenic.” I’ve always had super-sensitive skin, and it’s always been very particular. It’s not so much that there were ingredients I couldn’t use, but more like brands of products that would bother my skin.

I have so many girlfriends in this sport, and I always ask them what products they’re using. But their skin is so different from mine, so a lot of the time what they’re using doesn’t work for my skin. It’s taken me about four or five years to hone a routine that works. Last year was really a big trial-and-error year for me. I just completely stopped using a lot of skin-care products, except for moisturizer, for a good month straight. I definitely saw results and noticed less irritation.

For my skin, less really is more.

When I was younger, I was trying every single skin-care product I could possibly find, like toner and scrubs and weird moisturizers and things like that. I’m surprised at how it’s evolved. I used to have an entire bag just for skin-care products. Now I use just a few.