Natural Beauty: How To Care for Coloured Hair at Home

Anyone with coloured hair knows that bleached or dyed tresses require a little bit of extra TLC. To ensure your blonde stays bright, your brunette looks deep and rich and every colour in between stays fresh and shiny, it’s important to regularly treat your hair to maintain its health.

By Irene Falcone

Coloured hair needs special treatment as the chemicals in many dye products can damage the hair shaft and leave it prone to dryness, breakage, frizziness, or a coarse texture, so it’s worth investing in quality, natural hair care products to ensure you are keeping any additional nasty chemicals or toxins away from your already vulnerable locks.

Healthy hair holds onto its colour and lustre, so it’s essential that you give your hair the care it so needs. With the right products and special care, including shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair specifically, you can minimise these side effects and enjoy strong, shiny hair in the colour of your dreams.

Read on for our edit of the best natural hair colour products and our tips on how to take care of coloured hair at home.

Start with the right shampoo

Start your coloured hair care routine off right by choosing a shampoo that’s specially formulated for coloured hair. In addition to smoothing damaged hair shafts and providing moisture, these will prevent colour loss. Here are some of the best natural shampoos for coloured hair:

Mineral Fusion Shampoo – Lasting Colour
This mineral rich formula hydrates and shields the hair from damage, working to clarify the hair and remove impurities without stripping your hair colour. This natural formula can also increase the longevity of your colour by 18%.

Rahua Colour Full Shampoo
This luxurious natural shampoo contains a blend of Amazonian Rahua Oil and Morete Oil to strengthen the hair’s cuticle and create an antioxidant barrier against colour loss, with a complex of Rainforest oils working to preserve and maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses® Complex Color Care Shampoo
A low-foaming shampoo that harnesses the power of Alpine Rose Stem Cells and Rosehip, Pomegranate, and Coconut Oils to restore moisture to the hair shaft and protect it from colour fade.

Ecostore Shampoo – Dry, Damaged & Colour Care
A plant-based hydrating shampoo that helps restore hair softness and shine and reduces the damage caused by chemical or heat treatments.

Choose your conditioner carefully

For best results and hair colour that shines, always pair your shampoo with a colour-safe conditioner that helps lock in moisture and supports the natural protective barrier of your hair cuticle. We love:

Rahua Colour Full Conditioner
A conditioner combining sustainably-sourced Amazonian minerals and rainforest-grown ingredients to preserve colour vibrancy while nourishing your hair.

Mineral Fusion Conditioner – Lasting Colour
Enriched with Argan and Sunflower Oils, Mongongo Seed, and Panthenol and 4 potent natural ingredients, this conditioner works to boost hair lustre and can extend the longevity of colour treatments by up to 18%.

Apply a mask or leave-in conditioner

For an extra hit of hydration that penetrates deep into your hair shaft, consider finishing your hair care routine with a hair mask or leave-in conditioner.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses® Complex Color Care Hair Mask
This mask is ideal for anyone who wants healthier, fuller-looking hair. Simply apply it to clean, damp hair and leave it in for 3-5 minutes, then rinse it out to enjoy amplified volume, shine, and fullness.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses® Complex Color Care Leave-In Conditioner
Perfect for those who don’t have time to rinse, this leave-in conditioner uses Alpine Rose Stem cells and deeply hydrating Pomegranate, Coconut and Rosehip and Coconut Oils to restore moisture and shine long after your last wash.

Protect your hair colour from fading and restore new life to chemical- or heat-treated hair with our great range of colour-friendly natural hair care. Shop our natural hair care products online now!

Brand: Andalou Naturals, ecostore, Mineral Fusion, Rahua Amazon Beauty