Natural Shopping Guides: Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

We’re all spending more and more time trying to minimise our waste output and to ensure our spending habits aren’t of detriment to the environment- but those good habits can be very difficult to maintain over the Christmas season.
From gift wrapping to food waste and impulse purchases, so much of what we purchase over the holidays ends up contributing to our growing global waste crisis.

By Irene Falcone

This Christmas, gift consciously. No matter who you’re shopping for, there’s a way to gift in a sustainable, eco-friendly way- and we’ve done the hard work for you. Read on for our guide to eco friendly gift ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas.

Stored & sustainable

Sustainable food storage makes for the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift- simply use, rinse and repeat! Not only do these gifts provide beautiful and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, ziplocks and similar, but some of them also work to keep food fresher for longer. It’s a Christmas win-win!

The Swag Lunch Swag is perfect for anyone who takes their lunch to work, serving as an 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton, environmentally friendly and reusable insulator for hot or cold food. Another perfect, eco-friendly Christmas gift for those who love to snack on the go (or who have been enjoying the resurgence of picnics of late!) is the Stasher Snack Bag, a brightly coloured, reusable container that can be used and washed over and over again, designed to reduce the number of single-use plastic bags being sent to landfill each year.

The Swag

Sometimes your packed lunch needs a little bit of extra coverage. Save your loved ones from having to reach for single use plastic cling wraps and gift them some Agreena this Christmas. These 3in1 wraps are a completely reusable, non-toxic and recyclable alternative to cling film, tin foil and baking paper made from the highest quality platinum silicone.


We’re all taking our own reusable bags to the supermarket now- so why are we still having to use single use plastic produce bags to bag up our fresh fruit and vegetables?! The Life Basics Mesh Produce Bags are the perfect practical, sustainable gift, perfect for everything from Apples to Zucchini, with a handy drawstring for easy closure and transport.

Eco-friendly products made easy

Single-use plastic and eco-unfriendly packing is a huge concern when it comes to both home and personal care products. Help your friends and family reduce their waste contribution by gifting them eco-friendly, sustainable, refillable and reusable products these holidays.

We love the Georganics range of eco-friendly oral care products, in particular the Oil Pulling Mouthwash in English Peppermint, the Natural Floss in Charcoal and the Toothtablets in Spearmint. These eco-friendly dental products work to care for our teeth as much as they support a healthy environment, using pure, organic, ethically sourced, vegan ingredients and keeping their environmental footprint low.

Gift your loved ones a calming, natural body treatment with Ethique Lavender & Mint Bodywash. Designed to cleanse and moisturise at the same time, this body bar is handmade and packed with nourishing Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter and comes in compostable packaging, unlike traditional body washes in plastic bottles! Another great, eco-friendly body product is the ASUVI Palm Grove Deodorant which is both environmentally-conscious and effective, housed within 100% recycled plastic packaging that can be refilled and reused.


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