need advice

I was 49kg (19M) at the start of the year. I decided to make a change and started going to the gym and eventually got to 61kg in 2months. Then I traveled to my home country in the summer and just didn't eat enough. I lost 5kg and was at 55kg now. Around September I came back and started working out and eating again. I got up to 59kg. Things were going great. Then the gyms closed down. I didn't have the motivation to exercise at home and just stopped, but I still ate a lot. Then exams came around, I ate once a day. Now, the gyms are still closed down and I don't have the time to cook 4 meals a day because once again exams are in less than a month. So basically my question is what happens if I eat fast food everyday to gain weight, then when I get to a good weight I just cut and go to the gym (hoping that they would be open)

TL;DR Is it really that bad to eat fast food everyday to gain weight fast

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