Need some advice. Thank you in advance 😊

I am 24F. weight – 45-47kg and height – 5'6 ft I am from India and people are not much into the whole fitness lifestyle thing so I am here coz I dont have anyone legit who can give me advice on gaining weight. I am a professional dancer so I am dancing almost everyday for max 3 hours. I also workout ( kind of a weight training)in the morning for an hour. I try not to take rest day, I might have a rest day once a week and during my periods. I try to eat as much as I can, I dont count macros and all coz I dont like doing it. i am trying to be a vegetarian so I can only eat egg (I like them) and paneer for protein. Also Indian meals have very less protein in it. Also, do I need to take protein ( Whey and all) differently? If so, which one is good and cheap which i can find in India?

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