New Fraîche x So Pretty Cara Cotter Jewelry Pieces are Here!

New Fraîche x So Pretty Cara Cotter Jewelry Pieces are here! Just in time for spring and Mother’s Day (hint hint!). These new 5 additions are an extension of the INSPIRE collection, created to inspire you and your loved ones to live more happy and beautiful lives. The new pieces are classy and timeless – I hope you love them as much as I do!

I have had such a wonderful couple years working with Cara, and have loved seeing the first collection come to life. Our original launch featured the olive leaf, a symbol of peace, friendship, and harmony. Building on the popularity of the original “INSPIRE” series we’ve added new elements with a modern timeless feel. I have been wearing these everyday since they arrived – they truly are my new staples! We included a stunning herringbone necklace and bracelet, a token necklace and pendant, and dainty hoop stud earrings.

image of necklaces and earrings with a cup of coffee and roses Tori Wesszer from Fraiche Living wearing So pretty jewelry, holding a cup of coffeeimage of ribbons, jewelry boxes, books and trays

fraiche x so pretty jewelry in cases, and on a tray with gold scissors

About the Fraîche X So Pretty Collaboration

Last year Cara Cotter and I launched a jewelry collection in collaboration! I really jumped at the chance to help design a line that reflected my personal style and capture my love of food and life! I am so proud to continue this partnership and add new pieces today the the INSPIRE line. Keep scrolling to see all the new pieces, and of course head here to shop!

fraiche x so pretty gold token pendant on a stack of books with fresh flowers

The New Fraîche X So Pretty Collection Pieces

Similar to the existing pieces, these continue to amplify the previous messaging and are still inspired by my love of food and family. These pieces embody the Fraîche Living brand, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

INSPIRE Token Necklace & Token Pendant

I have a little soft spot for coin pendants -and now I have one that I LOVE! It includes a subtle nod to the original olive leaf details, a symbol of friendship and strength, that you coveted in the original launch. You can purchase the token in both gold, silver and with the chain included or the coin on its own. It is so fun to layer, and basically lives on my neck these days!

fraiche x so pretty gold token necklace on a white tray

Tori Wesszer from Fraiche Living wearing a green dress and the fraiche x so pretty jewelry

INSPIRE Braided Herringbone Necklace & Bracelet

These pieces are both available in two lengths, and double as both timeless yet statement pieces. These make for an amazing layering staple with a unique every-day-wearable twist! I love layering it with the Token Necklace or Locket. 

fraiche x so pretty gold herringbone bracelets in two lengths on a white tray with rosesTori from Fraiche Living cutting flowers with gold scissorsTori Wesszer from Fraiche Living holding a bouquet of tulips

We created the perfect everyday, front facing, sparkly hoop stud! They have a modern vintage feel (getting Audrey Hepburn vibes here) and are also a symbol of unity. These come in both silver or gold as well. 

fraiche x so pretty cara cotter dainty hoop earrings in gold  Tori Wesszer from Fraiche Living putting on dainty hoop earrings in mirror from so pretty collection

I am THRILLED to say that we were able to get our hands on a restock of the coveted Inspire Locket (both gold and silver) and still have a few of the pieces from the first collection. Click here to check them out before they’re gone (again)!

Tori Wesszer wearing the Inspire locket in gold from So Pretty Cara Cotter

We couldn’t resist creating a fun spring drink to celebrate, so you will also find the recipe for our Paloma in each of the packages from So Pretty Cara Cotter! Cheers!

pink grapefruit Paloma cocktails with sprigs of thyme

Photography by Stephanie Lucille Photography