New Live-Streaming Fitness Reality TV Show on BeamZ: The Biggest…

BeamZ announces today that it will launch a new live, interactive Reality TV Show, namely “The Biggest Gainer” on its live-streaming platform. The show will have 10 episodes and will commence on September 1.

BeamZ teamed up with fitness entertainers and coaches Andrew Schmidt and Vitaliy Polovin, the creative duo behind the self-proclaimed Schmidtness, to bring the greatest body transformation fitness competition to global audiences in this live, interactive online series. The show features raw, unedited reality and is the first fitness competition of its kind.
“Viewers will actively participate in this new fitness Reality TV series,” says BeamZ CEO Jim Jorgensen. “As contestants compete and feel the burn of each week’s workout, viewers will cheer on contestants, ask questions and chat about their own experiences with workouts.”

Two teams compete for the greatest body transformation in just 10 weeks. Who will win, and who will lose? Viewers will have the ability to decide which team is in the lead. Tune in to this compelling, new live-streaming show to find out for yourself. View show on mobile or desktop:

BeamZ is a live-streaming home entertainment platform featuring live shows that are interactive and fun to watch. Viewers have access to a broad range of unique shows that connect people from around the world via mobile phone and desktop. Independent producers and influencers use the BeamZ platform to inspire, engage and entertain their fans and build new fan bases. BeamZ is headquartered in California with team members operating out of the USA, France, Italy, Kenya, India, Vietnam and Brazil.

About Schmidtness
Andrew Schmidt and Vitaliy Polovin are the creative duo behind Schmidtness which has over half a million followers on TikTok. They are gym partners and fitness coaches known for their gym humor videos.

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