Not gaining weight but redistributing?!

18F 45kg 167cm I’ve made a few posts on here before and come to the conclusion I either have a magical metabolism or a hungry ghost living inside of me that means I cannot gain weight no matter what! I am mostly okay with that now as long as I am healthy BUT while I have not gained any real amount of weight in about 3 years (maybe a consistent 2-3 extra kg) the shape of my body has changed a lot without any real weight gain. Where is this extra fat coming from?? Where was it hidden before?? How have my thighs gone from matchsticks to looking like, yknow, thighs without gaining anything! I honestly do not know how I have managed to go up a few cup sizes, gain weight around my face and torso, backside and legs without gaining any weight. I could be 45kg today and 41kg in a week or two, what am I? When will the confusion end??

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