Our Beauty Buyer’s Essential Adaptogens and Elixirs

Whilst adaptogens and elixirs aren’t a new concept, there is so much choice out there and this, combined with the lengthy-list of mood-boosting benefits each product can offer, can make choosing the right product for you a challenge. Whether your intention is to feel calmer, lift your spirits, or improve the appearance of your skin and hair, our collection of essential adaptogens and elixirs offers something for all concerns. Keep reading as our beauty buyer, Aurelia, walks us through some of her favourite herbal adaptogen blends easy enough to incorporate into a regular, everyday routine.

Natalia Botanicals Celestial Waves


Natalia Botanicals’ collection of Celestial Waves adaptogens are perfect for those looking to create their own self-care rituals. Choose from a selection of five uniquely-blended elixirs, each tailored to individual interests. From the Shiva botanical adaptogen designed to boost immunity, to the Full Mane elixir to help keep hair looking sleek and healthy, the Natalia Botanical collection of adaptogens are excellent herbal remedies crafted individually to combat specific concerns.

Wunder Workshop Ashwagandha

One of our favourite adaptogens formulated to help lift your mood is Wunder Workshop’s Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic herb is particularly useful for stress relief, and can also help to support hormonal balance and maintain an overall sense of well-being. It’s also a great addition to milk potions, elixirs, smoothies, and more – simply add 1/2 tsp to warm water or tea and enjoy.

Hybrid Herbs Dream Blend Powder

Perfect to melt away any stress that may have built up during the day and to help you to drop off into your soundest slumber, Hybrid Herb’s Dream Blend powder has quickly become our favourite evening drink of choice. Formulated with a powerful blend of Reishi to calm the mind and He Shou Wu to promote healthy ageing by nourishing the Kidney and Liver. We love it added to a warm cup of oat milk, or with cacao, cardamom and coconut nectar to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Glow Bar Moon Shake

Glow Bar’s collection of functional adaptogen shakes and lattes are magnesium-rich formulas that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Glow Bar’s Moon Shake comes in an array of potent blends, including the ritual moon, naked moon and golden moon. One of our favourites combines Ashwagandha, magnesium-rich Raw Cacao and Ginger and it’s caffeine-free. This milky delight is delicious hot, cold, or room temperature, and it’ll be just as exquisite and effective either way. Combine 1 tbsp with a splash of hot water and make a rich paste to top with milk. Hazelnut is our favourite complementing milk with this blend, as it works harmoniously with the moon shake, to help keep your gut healthy and happy.