Our Beauty Buyer’s Guide to Collagen

At Planet Organic, we’re very selective when it comes to collagen products, powders and supplements and we only stock outstanding quality collagen that is ethically-produced, from sources you can trust. The collagen we sell comes from pasture-raised, grass-fed beef, or sustainably-sourced fish. We also sell plant-based powders suitable for those following a vegan diet, which are each made of botanical extracts that are designed to help support normal collagen formation and slow down collagen breakdown.


Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen


Fusing the benefits of premium Japanese Matcha green tea, with grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen, Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen is rich in antioxidants. Containing an impressive 10g of collagen per serving, this supplement is available in an easy-to-digest powder form, which dissolves well in a glass of hot or cold water.

Bare Biology Skinful


Similar to Bare Biology’s Omega 3 range of supplements, Bare Biology have sourced the very finest of sustainably sourced ingredients to create their collagen. The Marine (Type I) Collagen, is made from wild, sustainably caught fish in Norway.

The Bare Biology Skinful collagen is a pure, virtually flavourless, powdered supplement that can be easily digested, all whilst being strong enough to notice a visible difference. Each Bare Biology batch is third-party tested, with published test results and full amino acid profile, so you can be 100% confident you’re ingesting natural, high-quality collagen.

As collagen is naturally heat resistant, we recommend baking or cooking with Bare Biology’s Skinful collagen to neutralise the flavour.

Planet Paleo Primal Goddess


Containing just over 4g of pure, pasture-raised beef collagen per serving, Planet Paleo’s Primal Goddess is a comprehensive collagen blend with an impressive list of key nutrients.

Designed specifically to support skin health and assist with collagen formation, Primal Goddess is a great source of collagen, as well as other beauty ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, biotin and buckthorn berry. We particularly love the combination of antioxidant-rich berries: Schisandra, Goji and Acai present in this collagen blend, as well as a number of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, E and Zinc.

Ancient and Brave Vegan ‘Collagyn’


Ancient and Brave’s Vegan Radiant ‘Collagyn’, is a truly delicious blend of five collagen specific amino acids from vegan, fermented sources to match the amino acid profile of bovine collagen. With added nutrients designed to protect cells from oxidative stress, such as vitamin C and prebiotic fibres, this collagen works to support digestive function, gut microbiome and offers an excellent source of protein to aid the body in making its own collagen.

This beauty formula also contains haskap, rosehip, raspberry and beetroot, which is a unique blend of superfood ingredients to deeply nourish the skin from within. This is a great vegan-friendly collagen alternative if you’re looking for a plant-based powder that will offer similar benefits to bovine, or fish-sourced supplements.