Our Favourite Independent British Beauty Brands

It’s been a difficult few months for all types of business, particularly small independent brands. But when it comes to beauty, there’s no better time to show your support and shop to discover an array of British-born, small beauty businesses.

Whether it’s a new scented candle to give your WFH environment a positive uplift, or a retinol oil with a powerful formula designed to tackle troublesome indoor-skin, what better time to show your support? Discover some of our favourite, well-loved, British beauty brands we’re proud to support. From skin-experts to sustainable beauty brands and more, at a time when we’re imploring each other to support our communities, there’s no better place to start looking for a new beauty pick-me-up than with the growing collection of UK-based beauty brands. Browse through some of our favourite beauty products from independent businesses which are both affordable, effective and a lot closer to home.


Therapi’s brand story is one of love, luck and inspiration.

Founded in Cardiff by beekeeper Tanya Hawkes, this independent beauty brand focuses on the story of the bee and its unique relationship with flowers. Paying homage to honey, beeswax and propolis in every aspect of the brand, Therapi’s aim is to create the very best in natural and organic honey skincare products. Designed meticulously to not only benefit the user but also to give back to the natural world in all its splendour, 5% of Therapi’s profits are donated to bee conservation projects across the globe. Therapi’s bespoke, honey skincare rituals are renowned for offering a radiant healthy glow and one of our favourite products is the Propolis+ Ultra Radiance cream. This intensely nourishing moisturiser is a 24-hour cream designed to enrich, plump and illuminate your skin. With rejuvenating extracts of honey, anti-ageing propolis and natural botanical ingredients to give your skin a radiant, concentrated boost, the Therapi radiance cream is perfect for those looking to restore skin to its natural radiance.



Disciple is a London-based independent wellness company created with the sole intention of providing calming, innovative solutions to the stressed-out mind and body.

Developed by psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson, Charlotte’s industry-background allowed Disciple’s to craft adaptogen-rich formulas that not only work to nourish the skin, but help you feel better on the inside too. Improving your body’s ability to adapt to stress and rebalance hormones, Disciple’s range of botanical, small-batch beauty products are filled with clean prebiotics to help bacteria on the skin and balance skin’s natural sebum consistency to minimise the appearance of blemishes and breakouts. Our favourite from Disciple’s clean collection of skincare is the Disciple Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil, as this regenerative formula works to reduce pigmentation, fine lines and the appearance of pores all whilst you sleep. The perfect anti-ageing remedy designed for break-out prone skin, if you’re looking for a night treatment to help correct signs of damage and boost radiance, consider Disciple’s collection of small-batch skincare for an innovative solution to troublesome skin concerns.



Lovingly handmade in the UK with a flagship store just down the road from us in Kensington, Ilapothecary’s collection of uniquely-formulated botanical skincare products are each made in small-fresh batches, using techniques based on a heartfelt, intuitive approach. Founder of the brand, Denise, utilises her wealth of knowledge and experience in herbology to apply some of earth’s oldest traditions and ethical processes to her pioneering skincare products.

Designed to empower users and protect the mind, body and soul from everyday urban stressors of modern life, Ilapothecary’s botanical blends are each packed with goodness to help heal the mind, body and soul. Our favourite sweet-smelling herbal balm from Ilapothecary, is the Ilapothecary SOS body balm. Infused with an effective synergy of British-grown plants, this balm works to soothe and calm dry skin, all whilst helping to relieve tired muscles, swollen joints or bruises. Sweetened with vanilla and infused with blue camomile and rose, this multi-use balm also works harmoniously to provide a gentle mood uplift for those feeling down.



Prepping, calming and soothing skin is a summer-long endeavour, but Pai’s uniquely formulated skincare for hyper-sensitive skin makes the task a whole lot easier.

Developed by Pai’s founder, Sarah Brown, when her skin became hyper-sensitive and irritated out of the blue, she curated her own line that allowed her to take control of her skin. Built for those with sensitive skin, by those with the same skin concerns, Pai’s all-natural, organic collection of skincare soothes even the most distressed of complexions.

Made with intent in London, this British-brand’s ethos is to be forever ‘good’, to customers and the environment – with the brand name ‘Pai’ being a literal translation of ‘goodness’ in Maori. Each and every product in Pai’s skincare collection are completely free of parabens, alcohol, detergents and any other artificial fragrances that can draw away natural skincare benefits, leaving only nourishing ingredients designed intentionally for those with sensitive skin.

One of our favourite products from Pai is the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, the ultimate multi-tasker for sensitive skin. Rich in omegas, designed to regenerate skin without irritation, this natural rosehip oil works to restore balance and confidence to unpredictable skin. As well as the addition of antioxidant carotenoids that help repair and protect the skin against environmental damage, this is an excellent oil to implement into your daily routine if you’re suffering from a bout of troublesome skin.

Self Care Co


Healthy home, healthy mind.

Inspired by nature and crafted in small-batches, Self-Care Co’s collection of eco-friendly, natural soy candles are infused with a mix of essential oils, designed to help you naturally combat anxiety, stress and low moods through the power of aromatherapy. Each blend of candle is thoughtfully crafted, with the intention of assisting a number of personal self-care goals. Whether you’re looking for a candle to help you switch off after a busy day at work, or you’re looking for a specially formulated candle that helps you reach a positive state of mind, each of Self Care Co’s candles are hand-poured by a small team in London to assist you with your self-care routine.

The limited-edition Self Care Co Rose + Bergamot candle is a soothing blend of rose and bergamot oils designed to create rejuvenating scents in your home space. Aptly nicknamed the ‘ultimate self-love candle’ this 100% vegan, natural soy candle has high therapeutic grade essential oils, allowing you to take a moment to inhale the natural scents and breathe deeply into relaxation.

Beauty Kitchen


Beauty Kitchen is a sustainable beauty brand that cares deeply about the environment and work to put nature at the forefront of everything they do. Founded by Jo Chidley, a chemist and herbal botanist, Jo first founded Beauty Kitchen with her husband in 2014 in Glasgow and since then, the pair have taken Beauty Kitchen from strength to strength and are helping Glasgow become the first carbon-neutral city in the UK.

Whilst Beauty Kitchen’s brand ethos is that ‘small changes make a big impact’ – this applies to incorporating small changes into your own personal beauty routine. One of our favourite, all-natural sustainable beauty products from Beauty Kitchen, is the Abyssinian Oil Handbag Balm, due to its versatility. This supercharged, multi-purpose beauty balm features a potent blend of omegas 3, 6, and 9, as well as the addition of Abyssinian oil to work harmoniously to hydrate, nourish and protect skin’s natural barriers. Whether you choose to use this balm as a cleanser, eyebrow shaper, mask, lip-balm or moisturiser, this nourishing all-rounder works to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Tabitha Eve

If you didn’t catch our low-waste hygiene essentials blog post, incorporating products designed intentionally to create a less-wasteful lifestyle into your daily routine is a lot easier than you may think.

Tabitha Eve, are a UK based brand, born from founder Debbie’s personal mission to provide a solution to plastic pollution and wastefulness. Opening doors in 2018, Debbie works with a bunch of talented sewists to provide ethically-sourced, reusable beauty products from natural bamboo fabrics and materials. Providing excellent, natural solutions to wasteful face wipes and accessories, Tabitha Eve’s handmade cotton and bamboo wares create a less-waste lifestyle, without compromising on luxury.

One of our favourite, easy-to-incorporate products from Tabitha Eve, are the Unbleached Cotton Make-up Rounds. These reusable face pads are an excellent way to remove makeup or apply toner, completely eliminating the need for disposable wipes. With one side soft-looped cotton perfect for applying creams and toners, and the other featuring a gentle exfoliating waffle-cotton fabric, these reusable, organic cotton pads are an excellent way to swap-out wasteful wipes and help lower your individual environmental footprint.

Evolve Beauty

Evolve Beauty, create vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly skincare products that are each lovingly handmade in a small studio in Hertfordshire.

Purposely created in small batches to ensure the freshness of precious antioxidants, natural oils and extracts, Evolve Beauty’s collection of artisan beauty products create joyful everyday moments with uplifting scents, soothing textures and effective results.

Built with the intention of ‘evolving’, as the beauty industry gradually becomes more environmentally conscious, Evolve Beauty work to protect the environment, putting people and products before profits. Using only the finest of ingredients and green packaging, Evolve works to create the maximum amount of satisfaction, by using the minimum amount of natural resources possible.

One of our favourite products from Evolve Beauty, is the Evolve Hyaluronic Serum. This incredibly innovative serum contains 200mg of hyaluronic acid per bottle and is proven to hydrate skin from within, all whilst plumping the appearance of fine lines and stubborn wrinkles. Infused with an organic pomegranate extract that works to soften and protect the skin’s natural barrier, this pure serum is an excellent choice for those with normal-to-dry skin looking to refresh their complexion.