Our Place Ovenware is Here, and It’s Practically Guaranteed to Sell Out

You know and love Our Place for its hardworking and effortlessly beautiful Always Pan. Today, the brand cooked up some newness: Our Place ovenware. So if your cookie sheets have seen better days (namely 1998), you’re always running out of parchment paper, or you’re looking for a beautiful vessel for your grandma’s banana bread recipe, this set is for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the Our Place launch, how to buy, how to keep safe, and more.

Our Place Ovenware Set

Our Place’s Ovenware Set includes the Oven Pan, Oven Mat, Main Bake, Side Bake, and Tiny Bake. It intends to be supremely versatile—and each of the pieces nests nicely with the others to keep your cabinets organized. The Oven Pan is made with the same non-stick ceramic coating as the other pieces of cookware, and is designed to be both a stovetop griddle (hello, flapjacks) and an oven roasting pan. It’s deep enough to bake cakes and to keep liquids from dripping into your oven. The reusable silicone Oven Mat replaces your parchment paper for golden brown cookies. Plus, no more baked-on food that takes a vat of elbow grease to scrub off.

The three stonewares “Bakes” are glossy with a naturally nonstick finish to make clean-up a breeze. The Main Bake is an excellent, deep roasting pan for things like lasagna or casseroles. The Side Bake is a little smaller, meant for side dishes like roasted veggies or macaroni and cheese. The Tiny Bake is the size of a standard loaf pan and will soon become your go-to for your favorite for baking homemade bread.

The stackable ovenware products have the same streamlined, high-quality design as the bestselling Always Pan and Perfect Pot, and they come in all of the classic Our Place colors, like Sage, Spice, and Blue Salt. The brand also dropped cute and handy Hot Grips to make grabbing your pots and pans literally painless. So if you, like me, repeatedly make the mistake of thinking all of your cookware is cool-touch, these grips are kitchen essentials. 

Our Place Hot Grips

This launch comes on the heels of Our Place’s buzzy collaboration with actor and amateur chef Selena Gomez, which includes the Always Pan and Perfect Pot, plus Drinking Glasses, Main and Side Plates, and Knives in two vibrant color options. When you shop the collection, 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Rare Impact Fund, a nonprofit organization that is affiliated with Selena Gomez’s own beauty brand, Rare Beauty, which is committed to providing more mental health resources for youth.

Our Place Home Cook Duo

Our Place’s cookware sets have a cult following for a reason. The pieces are well-made beyond their aesthetic, and come free from materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAS, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles that are potentially harmful. The Ovenware Set comes together; the pieces cannot be purchased separately (at least not yet, but fingers crossed). The Oven Pan can only be hand washed with soapy water to keep the nonstick coating intact, while all of the Bakes and the Oven Mat are dishwasher safe. 

One thing’s for sure: This set is going to sell out, so we suggest beelining to checkout stat.

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