Peach Cardamon Tart with a Ginger Pecan Crust

Over 20 years ago, I took a road trip from Minnesota to California. I had never been west of Colorado with it’s beautiful pines, and fluffy snow. As we drove down the coast from Seattle, I was amazed at the beauty of the west coast. The haystack rocks of Oregon, the high cliffs of Northern California and the palm trees of Southern California were all breathtaking in their own way. But one memory stayed with me and to this day, is as clear as a bell. It was my first California peach.

Vegan Peach Cardamon TartI honestly had never tasted anything quite like it. The flesh was firm but juicy and the flavor was unbelievable. We got good Washington peaches in Minnesota but they were imported. This peach was fresh off the tree. It was amazing. I’ve never had a peach like that in my life.

Now I live in California and it is peach season! My daughter and I have our favorite peach vendor at the farmer’s market and every Saturday we stock up. Peach season is a time to rejoice in our house.

Peach Pie Crust Ingredients

I wanted to make a little raw dessert that featured these beautiful peaches. But don’t worry, it will work with any good, ripe peaches. I used the same cashew whipping cream that was in the strawberry torte but added a little cardamon which goes so well with peaches. The crust is made from pecans and ginger. All together, these ingredients make a pretty tasty, deliciously peachy summer dessert. Please make sure your peaches are organic as they are at the top of the dirty dozen list.

Peach Pie Ingredients

There is a little pre-soaking and refrigeration involved here so make sure you read the entire recipe before you start. I actually start this one the day before by quickly making the “whipping cream”. It does best if it sits in the refrigerator overnight.

Vegan Peach Cardamon Tart


Cardamon has become a little bit of an addiction for me. I love this spice in my coffee, in baked goods, and in savory dishes. It has a heady aroma that is vaguely like cinnamon but with floral notes. It is described as having a woodsy scent along with lemon and camphor. It is pungent, aromatic and delicious.  It’s a scent that is somehow so fetching and you find yourself drawn to it repeatedly.

Cardamon originated in India, Nepal and Bhutan. It is said to have many health benefits including improving cardiovascular health, fighting colon cancer, helping with stomach disorders and helping cure infections. In ancient Egypt, it was used as a teeth cleaner and breath freshener.

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