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Today, Petri, an early-stage venture capital firm that develops companies at the intersection of biology and engineering, announced the company will be hosting The Dish, a one-day virtual summit that celebrates the field of bioengineering. The Dish will bring together industry thought leaders and the next generation of founders creating and scaling companies in this growing industry. The Dish will introduce Petri’s first class of companies, a diverse group solving problems across many areas including medicine, materials, food & agriculture, and research tools. The Dish will take place virtually on Wednesday, September 16th from 12:00pm – 2:30pm ET. Industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, media, and academics are all encouraged to attend.

The Dish will feature industry thought leaders such as George Church, Daphne Koller, and Stan Lapidus, among many others across the Petri network. Topics of keynotes, panels, and fireside chats during The Dish include the future of agriculture and food, new therapeutic modalities and business models, and unexplored topics in COVID-19. The Dish will also host virtual networking opportunities so those working in the bioengineering ecosystem can connect for the greater success of the field.

As part of The Dish, Petri will introduce the founders of its first class of companies. Founders speaking at the summit include: Mimoun Cadosch Delmar (Matterworks), Luciano Bueno (GALY), Virginia Burger (New Equilibrium Biosciences), Mike Koeris (Vulcan Biologics), Rayees Rahman (AIchemy), Nikin Tharan (Medsix), and Sam Rodriques (Petri Entrepreneur in Residence, Helios).

“We are proud to introduce many of our founders at The Dish. Many began working with us prior to incorporation, and since then have achieved technical proofs of concept, added key senior team members, won global accolades, and raised several million in follow-on capital, all hardwon under extraordinary circumstances,” said Tony Kulesa of Petri.

More about Petri’s first class of companies and the founders behind them:

AIchemy is a drug discovery company that leverages AI and kinase biology expertise to develop next generation small molecule drugs for cancer. Founded by Dr. Rayees Rahman, Prof. Avner Schlessinger, and Dr. Jason Lee.

GALY is producing lab-grown cotton, using a proprietary process that is 10x faster, requires 78% less water, 81% less land and 80% fewer gas emissions, with superior quality and cheaper than Egyptian cotton. Founded by Luciano Bueno and Dr. Paula Elbl.

Medsix is building novel wound drainage monitoring sensors and predictive tools for better patient outcomes. Founded by Nikin Tharan, Geoff Bocobo, Dr. Indraneil Mukherjee, Dr. Niloy Choudhury.

New Equilibrium Biosciences is creating therapeutics that target intrinsically disordered proteins, a class of currently undrugged proteins implicated in most cancers and neurodegenerative disorders, through its AI-biophysics-powered platform. Founded by Dr. Virginia Burger and Prof. Peter Tompa.

Vulcan Biologics is creating next generation synthetic biology phage-based therapeutics. Founded by Prof. Mike Koeris and Prof. Tim Lu.

Matterworks is building new phenotyping tools for biotechnology. Founded by Mimoun Cadosch Delmar.

A stealth company in synthetic biology founded by Prof. George Church and a Church Lab doctoral student.

A stealth company in therapeutics and gastrointestinal medicine.

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About Petri:

Launched in fall of 2019, Petri is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to developing companies at the frontier of biology and engineering, co-created with Pillar VC and industry stars including Brian Baynes (serial entrepreneur and investor), Reshma Shetty (Ginkgo Bioworks), Emily Leproust (Twist Bioscience), Stan Lapidus (Exact Sciences, Cytyc), Daphne Koller (Insitro), Alec Nielsen (Asimov), Andy Beck (PathAI), JP Mangeolle (Danaher, Sciex, Phenomenex), Bernhard van Lengerich (General Mills, Beyond Meat), and leading researchers Chris Voigt, Pam Silver, and George Church. Petri supports early-stage founders to bring innovation out of the lab by investing pre-seed and seed capital, providing strategic guidance, and offering curated access to a network of 200+ seasoned mentors, talent from top universities, and 250+ investors and strategic partners.

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