Podcast: Ep 41: Discover the Truth in Beauty with Mukti Organics

Mukti, one of my most highly requested podcast guests, has been part of the Nourished Life story since almost day 1!

Mukti Organic Skincare was one of the very first brands I ever stocked. The first time I met Mukti, the brand’s founder, was back in 2013 when I was still packing and shipping boxes from my garage- how time flies! Mukti is a true pioneer in the clean, organic beauty space, and what I love about her is that she has never stayed from her original vision. She is constantly learning, researching and evolving, and in this chat she told me that she jumps online to read her brand’s reviews every single day so that she’s constantly tapped in to what her customers are really loving.

I’m so grateful to Mukti for being such a big supporter of mine and of Nourished Life. I can remember many, many years ago, in the very early days of Nourished Life, that I didn’t have quite enough money to pay Mukti for her products by the due date, and she so kindly allowed me to pay her back a little bit later. An act of kindness I’ve never forgotten!

Mukti is a beautiful, strong Australian woman sitting at the helm of a really beautiful Australian brand, and I’m so excited for you guys to hear her story. I loved this chat so much, that I actually added a product to my cart DURING the interview- but you’ll have to listen to find out which product it was!

Truth In Beauty

One of the many things that sets Mukti and her brand apart from many brands playing in the “natural” space is that Mukti products are Certified Organic and Cruelty Free- certified being the operative word.
Passionate about removing the greenwashing and misinformation that is, unfortunately, so often spread throughout the world of beauty, Mukti wrote her book Truth in Beauty to help discerning (and concerned!) consumers with their purchasing decisions. The book, which is often described as the “green beauty bible,” helps shoppers learn to decipher cosmetics labels and understand how the certification process works as well as providing an “A to Z blacklist” of ingredients to avoid, giving the power back to shoppers so that they can make more informed skincare choices.

A Natural Alternative to Botox?!

Beyond erasing the confusion surrounding organic certifications, Mukti was one of the very first to dispel the misconception that natural and organic skincare products aren’t as efficacious as their mainstream counterparts.

The Age Defiance Collection consists of three products, all of which sit amongst Mukti’s all-time best sellers (and Nourished Life’s, too!). A combination of science and nature, the Age Defiance products were formulated using an organic, clean as possible base, with functional, cosmecutical grade ingredients added to that base to ensure consumers would see a serious change in the quality of their skin.

When Mukti first released the Age Defiance Collection, she thought consumers were airbrushing their before and after shots- that’s how incredible the results were! Sunspots were faded, wrinkles filled, and skin textures evened. The Age Defiance Eye Serum is my personal favourite eye cream and one I reach for every single day, and the Age Defiance Day Serum is one I apply whenever I need an instant skin transformation on a bit of a drab skin day- Mukti calls this one “topical botox,” as it gives you a visible, natural face lift!


Rescue and Recover

Mukti tells me that there’s big things coming for the brand later this year, with the release of a range that is completely free from nut oil and fragrance. Mukti has discovered that more and more people are suffering from allergies and sensitivities, thanks to a combination of environmental stressors and the fact that women often treat their face as a science experiment, piling on product after product! This new range will work to “rescue and recover,” bringing things back to basic to help people repair the dermis.

Beauty from the Inside, Out

Another new release for Mukti is the Bioactive Collagen Booster, a product that Mukti has been thinking about and working to develop since around 2013.

The product itself is a natural collagen supplement with a delicious berry taste that you can mix into water, smoothies or juices. Unlike the rest of the Mukti range, this product is not vegan- that’s because, following her research, Mukti discovered that marine collagen is the form of collagen that most commonly resembles human collagen and has had the most research done on it. While I myself have been eating mostly plant-based since October of last year, I’m with Mukti on this- I definitely experience more noticeable results when I use marine collagen products!

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