Podcast: Ep 42: The Beauty in Science with Antipodes

Science is at the core of the Antipodes brand, with Elizabeth’s long background in science guiding the creation of each and every formula.

Antipodes is a 15 year old, certified organic beauty brand, which actually makes me a little bit embarrassed to admit that I only recently began stocking it!

So many of you asked me why I wasn’t stocking Antipodes given how popular it is, and after I did some research I asked myself “Why wasn’t I stocking this brand sooner?!” The consumer demand wasn’t in vain either- the range sold out straight away!

Antipodes is a New Zealand based brand founded by Elizabeth Barbalich, whose goal is to “elevate natural skincare to the next level.” Elizabeth LOVES science, something that really came across during my chat with her, and she was disappointed when she couldn’t find natural products that worked as well as conventional options- and so, Antipodes was born. Elizabeth, who has three adult children, actually describes the brand as being like a fourth child- a “labour of love” that I can relate to!

I’m so thrilled that Antipodes is finally part of the Nourished Life family, and I’m sure you’ll be as excited as I am after listening to this episode!

Scientifically validated

Elizabeth has a background in science- she has a degree, an MBA, and a diploma in Natural Therapies! Science really is the driving force behind Antipodes, a range described as “Scientifically Validated.” What this means is that each product is subject to both in vitro investigation and human clinical trials concurrently- a “robust approach” to ensure every formula is as efficacious as possible.

Elizabeth tells me that efficacy really is essential in bringing new customers over from conventional brands, explaining that women want efficacy and clear proof before they make a purchase. Elizabeth recognises that beauty is already a saturated space, so innovation is key.

Sustainable from day one

“Sustainability has been central to the brand from Day 1,” Elizabeth tells me, explaining that Antipodes refuses to compromise on quality and consumer experience.

The Antipodes products are housed within aluminium tubes (manufactured in Slovenia, of all places!) and lined to ensure that they are totally inert and won’t react with the formula. Other products live within recyclable glass, and each product is packaged using biodegradable card and vegetable ink.

Elizabeth’s ethos around packaging is that, beyond being sustainable, each product needs to be both “beautiful and functional”- just like the formulas themselves!

Simplifying natural skincare

Given how saturated the beauty space is, Elizabeth wants to make sure the Antipodes range is really easy for consumers to navigate.

The collection is divided into four key categories to simplify the way we shop- Daily Cleanse, Daily Ultra Care, Daily Moisturise and Daily Body Care. Elizabeth tells me that she has treated every single product like a baby through the development stages- a lot of love and care has gone into every product!

The Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream is a real hero product and a Nourished Life best seller, with fans including Sam Smith and Cara Delevigne!

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

Another of Elizabeth’s personal favourite products is the Halo Skin Brightening Mask, which contains volcanic mud from New Zealand’s active volcanoes, an ingredient rich in pH balancing and detoxifying properties- and a product Elizabeth assures me is best enjoyed with girlfriends over a glass of champagne!

Halo Skin Brightening Mask

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