Question on foods for healthy weight gain

Hello! May I know if eating avocadoes and drinking smoothies with fruits and nuts everyday considered a healthy weight gain meal plan?

Additionally, is vegan ice cream considered a healthy food

I’m a 164cm underweight female currently weighing 38kg, and I’m struggling to hit 2000kcal and above per day as I can’t consume much solid foods. This is because I’m suffering from a illness called SMA syndrome whereby the loss of fat pad has led to the diameter of my duodenum to be narrowed. Any solid foods would cause my stomach to cramp and bloat, and hence it is best for me to consume liquids and softer foods instead.

However I’m struggling to find healthy foods that are liquid or soft as well as high in calorie. I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this question as well as the questions I have stated above!

I apologise for my poor English as well 🙁 I hope you guys can understand what I have typed! Ö

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