Quietum Plus Reviews – Scam Complaints or Hearing Support Ingredients Work?

An Independent review Daily Wellness Pro

Daily Wellness Pro reviewed Quietum Plus, a hearing health support supplement that contains nourishing ingredients for improving your overall ear health. According to the official website, this formula helps improve your hearing and also decreases the risk of age-related hearing problems. What makes this product better than other options is that it is safe to use and it is completely reliable due to its natural composition and high-quality formulation.

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It’s not uncommon for people to unintentionally damage their ears. This impacts your hearing which can leave you very disturbed with discomfort and pain in the affected ear. This unintentional harm can be caused due to water entering in your ears during bathing or because you inserted a Q-tip too deep inside your ear. There can be other reasons behind the damage too such as noise pollution, stress, and more. Better than going for medications or choosing to opt for surgery is to go for Quietum Plus.

Quietum Plus Review

Difficulty in hearing can make you feel very embarrassed when you’re in a crowd of people. Not only are you not able to hear what other people are saying to one another but you also find yourself feeling sensitive to too much noise. This means even the slightest bit of sound around you, even that of music, can make you feel uncomfortable and agitated.

Quietum Plus can naturally improve your hearing by means of using nutrients driven from plants to address the functioning of your ears. According to the manufacturers, this dietary supplement is for all those people who know that they are at the risk of losing their hearing as they grow older, because they are already seeing symptoms of it. This supplement basically comprises of different kinds of herbs, minerals, and vitamins.

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Who is Quietum Plus For?

The Quietum Plus supplement is for anyone who is experiencing poor hearing. As per the official website, this formula uses natural ingredients to repair the damage that has been caused and improve your hearing regardless of what your age is. It improves blood circulation in your ears and controls the damage that has been caused so far. Not only does it improve your hearing in that moment, but it also slowly nourishes your ears so that future harm can be prevented too.

Most people are unaware of how poor their hearing is. We have become so accustomed to noise pollution that we don’t realize that our ears are not functioning at their optimal.

However, you may notice that your hearing is not as good as it once was when you try to strain to listen to what people are speaking amongst themselves. If this is you, then Quietum Plus hearing health formula could very well be a solution for improving your hearing and protecting your hearing condition from worsening.

Also see what Quietum Plus customer reviews are saying about this product. Does it really work for everyone? Find out more here!

How Does Quietum Plus Work?

Before using this product, of course, you need to be aware of how exactly it does its job. Basically, the formula uses natural agents which work with the natural processes of your body rather than introducing a foreign process or ingredients. Though individual results may vary, Quietum Plus hearing health supplement does a number of things to improve your overall ear health.

As mentioned on quietumplus.com, this product improves blood circulation in and around your ears. By doing this, the formula enables blood that is rich with oxygen and nutrients to reach your ears and nourish them. Secondly, the supplement has antioxidants which fight free radical damage and decrease oxidative stress which is the cause behind hearing loss that occurs with age.

Next up, this formula increases the production of ear wax or cerumen. Cerumen is necessary for protecting your ears as it prevents bacteria and toxins in the air from entering your ears. In this manner, it reduces the risk of infections and diseases. So, while ear wax may seem disgusting to you, its production is necessary and that is what this formula supports.

That’s not all – Quietum Plus supplement also ensures that harmful fluid is not able to damage your inner ear parts such as your eardrum and bones. Furthermore, it also increases the production of the fluid that is present in the endolymph. This is done by means of providing your ears with potassium. Why is this necessary? Basically, your endolymph is responsible for converting sound into nerve impulses.

It is necessary for it to have enough useful fluid to function correctly.

Furthermore, Quietum Plus hearing health supplement also helps strengthen your immune system. A strong immunity can fight against diseases and prevent infections that are not only related to your ears, but to your overall health. Therefore, this supplement aims to control the damage that has been caused as well as prevents further damage and improves your hearing.

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Quietum Plus Ingredients

What makes Quietum Plus supplement different from other products on the market is that it uses the best natural ingredients available for addressing your hearing concerns. As per the manufacturers, each ingredient has been studied in depth for its properties to make sure that no unnecessary ingredient is added.

It is for these reasons that this product stands out of the crowd and effectively works to give you results. The composition is mainly made of herbs, vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. All these are naturally occurring and work with the natural processes of your body. Quietum Plus ingredients have been added in the correct amounts to ensure that there is no overdosage or that they’re not too little in quantity to be ineffective.

As for which ingredients have been added to the formula, you can take a look at these here:


This ingredient in the formula balances your blood pressure levels as they can also have an impact on your hearing when too high or too low.

Dong quai

Dong quai in the formula improves blood circulation to the ears so that they get the nourishment that they require. Other than this, this ingredient also improves the quality of your blood.

Oat grass

This ingredient in Quietum Plus pills is packed with different kinds of vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants in the formula reduce oxidative stress whereas vitamins such as vitamin C and K prevent hearing loss.


The inclusion of this ingredient in the formula is essential as it contains minerals such as fiber, potassium and manganese. These three minerals improve your hearing by increasing the useful fluid in your endolymph.


Another ingredient that has been added to the formula for supporting your hearing by means of improving blood flow toward the ears.

Hops extract

This ingredient has been added for it has anti-inflammatory properties as well as analgesic properties. This means that it can reduce damage by putting an end to inflammation along with eradicating pain.


L-tyrosine in Quietum Plus pills improves the communication between the brain and the ears by improving nerve cell communication. This helps you hear better as you’re able to catch what other people are saying.

Pacific kelp

This component of the formula has been added for it reduces the speed of cellular aging. This prevents hearing loss that occurs as you climb up the age ladder.

To check out the complete list of Quietum Plus ingredients and their working, visit the official website here!

Is Quietum Plus Legit and Worth Buying?

So that you can decide whether you should go for this product or not, following are some defining features of Quietum Plus capsules as mentioned on the official website:

• This supplement has been manufactured in a GMP and FDA certified laboratory in the United States of America.

• It is available in the form of capsules which means you can use them easily.

• It does not have any reported negative side effects that have been linked to its use.

• Compared to other ways of improving your hearing, this one is not only safer but also more affordable.

Where to Buy Quietum Plus? Pricing and Availability

Quietum Plus supplement is available in three different bundles on the official webpage – quietumplus.com. You can choose whichever suits your budget as well as requirements. If you would like to stock the product it’s better to go for the bulk deals rather than buy a single bottle again and again over the months. Note that one bottle lasts you for one month. As for the pricing, you can check that out here:

– One bottle of Quietum Plus capsules costs $69

– A deal of three bottles at $59 each (MOST POPULAR)

– A deal of six bottles at $49 each (BEST VALUE)

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To make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase, the company offers a money back guarantee of 60 days. During this time, you can try the product and if it doesn’t suit you, you have the option to return it and get your money back. In order to start the refund process, get in touch with the customer support team of the company. The money-back guarantee will also nail down any doubts of Quietum Plus scam consumers may have before buying it.

Why Should You Order Quietum Plus in Bulk?

It’s always a wise idea to order natural supplements in bulk, not just Quietum Plus. Why? Because natural supplements might take time in delivering results. They rely on natural, nourishing nutrients including vitamins and minerals that take time in showing results.

Usually, pills that promise overnight or rapid (say, weekly-ish) results are those that depend on harmful chemicals to give you results. Since these chemicals are harmful, you need to be prepared to deal with adverse health risks if you want immediate results.

However, most wise people want to play it safe which is where it is essential you stick with using a natural solution on a regular note. For this, you need to order the supplement in bulk.

Always keep in mind: natural ingredients need time to yield results and they need to be taken consistently. To this end, it’s best to order the solution in bulk, not one bottle per month as this way you’ll be free of the hassle of ordering again and again.

And, the best part is that you can get a discount when you order in bulk. Put simply, you need to take this natural formula daily for quite some time so it’s best to order in bulk where you can save money too!

Quietum Plus Reviews – Final Verdict

In conclusion and from the details gathered, Quietum Plus seems like a viable option for anyone who wants to improve his hearing. The product uses natural ingredients to sort out the issue of hearing problems as well as improve your ear health on the whole. Since the formula is of a high quality and it is available in multiple packages, you have the option to choose whichever to go for without any hesitation.

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Frequently Asked Questions and More Information on Quietum Plus!

Small Routine Changes To Enhance Hearing Health

Apart from taking Quietum Plus, a few lifestyle changes can help to save yourself from hearing loss. If you plan to do the same, here are some tips to remember:

Do some exercises

This doesn’t mean you hit the gym. It only means that you do exercises for the ear. For instance, take a walk in the woods with all the natural sounds. Or, sit by the seaside and listen to the sounds. Not only can they be relaxing and, therefore, stress-relieving, but also improving your hearing.

You can also ask someone to read a book out loud for you. Repeat each sentence after your partner. Once you succeed at this, go on to repeat words and sentences from the TV or podcast in the background.

Quit smoking

If you smoke, you need to quit to save yourself from double the hearing loss. The reason? Nicotine and carbon monoxide hamper blood flow and oxygen to the ear, which is critical for maintaining healthy ear cells.

Take a natural supplement

Lastly, include a natural supplement like Quietum Plus as it provides all the essential nutrients to your ear that are crucial for its nourishment, cellular health as well as healing. It’s also helpful to eat food that improves hearing.

Read on to find out which food items can be a healthy addition to your routine.

Interested folks can also read more reviews on Quietum Plus by visiting here.

Natural Food Items That Improve Hearing Health

There’s an elaborate list of foods that can enhance your hearing. Here are some foods to add to your to-eat list:

Spinach, broccoli, liver, asparagus, and liver

All these are great for offering folic acid. This assists in helping generate new cell growth. It also boosts blood circulation in the body, which means that more nutrients are carried to your ears as more blood flows to it.

Beef, dark-meat chicken, beans, beans, split peas, oysters, and lentils

These foods give you zinc. The mineral is great for healing your wounds, boosting immune health, and saving you from infections that can affect your ear. But don’t overeat this mineral as it can interact with diuretics and antibiotics.

Melons, oranges, yogurt, bananas, apricots, potatoes, lima beans, tomatoes, and low-fat milk

These items are rich in potassium – another mineral that is important for your ear. Mainly, it helps your inner ear as potassium levels drop with aging leading to hearing loss.

Krill oil, salmon, flaxseed oil, soybean oil, and sardines

These are all great for giving you omega-3. This ingredient is applauded for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that make it extremely helpful for the ear. In fact, research says that you can get rid of hearing loss by more than 40% with omega-3 in your diet. The ingredient is also helpful for strengthening signals between the brain and your ears.

Quietum Plus supplement

By using this natural hearing health supplement, you can add all these nourishing ingredients and more in their right quantities without having to worry about overdoing them or under-eating them. This cuts work on your plate while ensuring you are having all the ear health improving and healing ingredients in your diet.

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Does Quietum Plus Have Any Side Effects?

The short answer to this is: not, really. Quietum Plus hearing supplement is a natural, dietary supplement that is based on nourishing ingredients for the ear. Not only does this make sure that the formula is safe to take, but it also highlights that the supplement is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Typically, these artificial ingredients are ones that deliver side effects. In fact, their presence over the counter pills is what makes those drugs unsafe for long-term use. This means that the typical adverse risks emerge from the presence of chemicals in OTC drugs.

However, the lack of additives, toxins, and synthetic compounds makes this supplement safe to take. As mentioned on quietumplus.com, it’s ingredients are all traced from premium quality sources and they are all well researched.

This background study into the ingredients further speaks in favor of its safe usage. This is because the research means that each ingredient has been individually studied for their effectiveness and safe usage. All this confirms that the risks of side effects are minimal when it comes to this ear-nourishing supplement.

Why is Quietum Plus Not a Scam?

What proves Quietum Plus is not a scam is the fact that it comes with a solid money-back guarantee of 60 days. The manufacturers have complete confidence in the quality of their product. You have ample time to try the supplement and notice results. However, if it seems that the ingredients aren’t working for you, go ahead and claim your refund. Your investment is secure.

However, there’s a risk of getting into Quietus Plus scam by fraudulent sellers with fake supplements under the same name. How to avoid that? The simple answer is to buy this formula from the official website only (link given below).

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How to Claim a Refund if I am Not Satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with Quietum Plus results, since results may vary, you can apply for a refund.

A few things to keep in mind:

You need to take action within 60 days of purchasing your solution

This is because the money back guarantee extends to about two months or 60 days of placing an order for this supplement. This is plenty of time to decide if you are satisfied with the solution or not. If you are not content, follow the next step below.

Get in touch with the team behind Quietum Plus supplement

When applying for a refund, you need to get in touch with the manufacturers of this supplement. Either visit the website to access the contact form or drop an email to contact@quietumplus.com and request for a refund there.

Send back the supplement bottle

The last and most important thing you need to bear in mind for claiming your refund is that once you get in touch with a customer service respondent and you are sure about the manufacturer’s address, send back the supplement bottle. This doesn’t necessarily have to be full, but you need to return it to get your money back. Note that the shipping charges are on you when you send the supplement bottle back.

Either way, this is a safe investment and not a scam as your purchase is backed with a money back guarantee.

Who is Quietum Plus Ideal For?

Quietum Plus is for both the genders without any limitations because of its safe and natural composition. Since it works against age-related hearing loss, it is a good fit for those going up their age ladder. The supplement also plays an important role in helping those who are stressed and suffering from hearing loss related to it.

However, here is some precaution that you need to keep in front and center of your mind. This is:

• The supplement is not for pregnant and nursing mothers

• It is not for those who are already taking some daily medication

If you are in doubt or simply unsure about this solution for any reason, you should read more Quietum Plus customer reviews and consider consulting with your doctor before going ahead and slipping this supplement in your daily routine.

Quietum Plus Dosage and Serving Size?

A single bottle of Quietum Plus has 60 veggie capsules. Look up at the recommended dose of the solution – it’s two pills daily. Now if you look at it: one bottle will last for one month for an individual user who sticks with taking the pills on a daily basis and as per the recommended dose.

In this way, if you order three supplement bottles or six, you get three-month supply and six-month supply for a solo user.

Is Quietum Plus Available on Amazon?

No! For now, Quietum Plus is not up for grabs on Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or any other online platform. You can only get it on the official website of the product. It’s best not to buy it from any other place that claims to sell it as that could potentially be a scam. This Is The Official Website Link to Purchase Quietum Plus