[RANT] Why do people always feel the need to comment on your body when you’re skinny?

My poor body's been through a rollercoaster the past few years, especially this past year. My pain center is my gut so if I'm having any anxiety whatsoever I don't have an appetite and can't eat. This year my anxiety graduated to vomiting on top of finding out I've also acquired some food sensitivities that leads to days of vomiting. I was underweight before. Now I feel like I'm teetering towards dangerous. I've gone on an anti-anxiety that's helped a lot with my appetite but I still am struggling to eat enough.

I'm a bartender so I have regulars that I see most days. 2 regulars in the past few days have flat out asked me if I've lost weight. Idk if they're asking out of concern or not, but wouldn't there be a better way of checking on someone's health? And also why do you have to ask me in the middle of a bar, at my place of work while I'm pouring a beer? I don't go around asking people if they've gained weight. All my life I've been skinny and everyone has something to say about it and they're not scared to vocalize it. I can't even mention that I'm cold at work without someone responding with, "it's because you don't have any meat on your bones!" Like yeah I fucking know, I'm trying. Can you imagine if I someone overweight complained about being hot and someone just says, "yeah, it's because you have a lot of excess fat." Like why tf is this ok

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