RAW Fire Cider Tonic Recipe

Now more than ever, people are looking further afield for ways to bolster their natural immunity. As well as leading a healthy lifestyle, there’s something to be said for looking to nature’s larder to give us a little more peace of mind when we step outside.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonder ingredient, and has a reputation that transcends the status of other pantry vinegars. The very need to abbreviate its name goes to show how it has reached the dizzying heights of holy grail status amongst health gurus and foodies alike.

Aside from the fact that ACV is made from apple, while other vinegars might be made from grapes, grains or a variety of different bases, the difference lies within the ‘mother’. Organic, unpasteurised vinegars contain this cloudy, web-like substance, while more mainstream vinegars are pasteurised and filtered to remove it.

The bacteria present in the ‘mother’ are what our guts love, and precisely what makes ACV excellent for boosting our natural immunity, as well as tasting delicious too. Don’t just take our word for it though, studies have shown that the difference between raw and pasteurized ACV is huge! Firstly, in flavour; and many agree ours brags the perfect tang, including the judges at the Great Taste Awards, and secondly for its health benefits!

A study reviewing years of quality research revealed that ACV:
– Can reduce blood glucose levels and cholesterol
– Is a strong antioxidant
– Has anticancer properties
– Can reduce fatigue
– Can help protect against osteoporosis

A plethora of uses deserves a plethora of flavours. That thought sparked an idea – could we superboost ACV’s benefits by pairing it with other superfoods? Before long, we unveiled a new generation of ACV: our original organic, unpasteurised vinegar in 2 exciting flavour infusions to sit alongside our Original ACV.

RAW Health Apple Cider Vinegar

The original ACV with the original benefits. This ACV is raw, unfiltered and has a million and one uses. Start the day with a shot, or drizzle over salads! Great for: Keeping in the pantry for anything and everything.

Raw Health ACV Infusion


Turmeric & Cinnamon The ultimate morning kick-start. With anti-inflammatory power from turmeric and antioxidants from cinnamon, stir this infusion into warm water for a raw-charged Teatox. Great for: curbing cravings and making you feel alert.

Raw Health ACV Vinegar Infusion


Turmeric & Ginger For triple anti-inflammatory power, slip some ACV infused with turmeric and ginger into a post-workout smoothie. Great for: relieving pain and digestive issues. We all know that you can make a mean dressing with the delights of ACV, but did you know you can drink it too?

Harnessing all of Autumns warming flavours, this just happens to be our current favourite way of using our RAW Health ACV to blow the cobwebs away:

RAW Fire Cider Tonic:


RAW Turmeric Apple Cider Vinegar
Half an orange
1-inch fresh ginger, grated
Half a lemon
1 tbsp RAW Honey
1 large clove garlic
1/4 small onion
Pinch cayenne pepper
Small handful peppercorns
Pinch ground cinnamon
Rosemary (optional)


1. Place the ginger at the bottom of a Kilner jar, and add the garlic, onion, cayenne, cinnamon, peppercorns and rosemary (if using).
2. Add the lemon and orange and press down the ingredients to get the most out of them.
3. Add the vinegar, enough to fully submerge the ingredients and fill the jar.
4. Seal the jar and store in a cool dark place for at least 3 weeks to let the flavours develop.
5. After 3 weeks, strain through a muslin cloth to discard the solids, then stir through the honey and it’s ready to drink!

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