Recently diagnosed anorexic, how can I eat again like a normal person?

I (20 f) recently lost about 50 pounds, through vigorous exercise and tight dieting restrictions. It really helped me through my weight loss, it took me about a year to lose all the weight. I did everything in the most healthy way possible, but now that I’m at 102, I don’t want to lose weight anymore. Everytime I eat tho, I feel sick and not hungry anymore even tho I might have not eaten anything that day yet. No matter what I eat, or how much of it, it’s never enough food. I hate the feeling of being full now and I don’t what to do. Everytime I gain 10 pounds, I lose it in two days. I don’t excerise anymore so I won’t lose weight, but now I’m starting to lose the muscle I worked so hard to get 🙁 I just feel like crying all the time, I really don’t know how to fix this.

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