REN Calming Skincare Routine

REN is a firm favourite with us at Planet Organic for their seriously effective range of natural and environmentally conscious skincare. David Delport, REN’s global product expert, walks us through how to wake up to calmer, glowing skin in lockdown.

Lockdown mornings have been difficult for all of us – routines have changed, we flip between feeling alright and just plain not, and we’re finding our skin is reflecting these changes in quite a dramatic way. As our largest two-way sensory organ, it stands to reason that what we feel is quickly reflected in our skin, and I for one can’t seem to remember a time I didn’t wake up tired, puffy in the face, and just a little worse for wear.

During these unsettled mornings it’s best to treat our skin with a bit more kindness, especially as the stress hormone cortisol is higher around that time, and so is puffiness and dark circles relating to histamine reactions from seasonal allergies.

Here is my tried and tested skin-saving routine to calm, de-puff, and protect your skin for the day ahead – while leaving you looking glowing and (reasonably!) more radiant.

Step One:

Apply the Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Cleanser using deep, meaningful movements. This oil-to-milk cleanser is perfect for creating a great slide on the skin for your morning facial massage. This is an important step to activate the lymphatic system and to start the de-puffing process. It will also instant smooth any flaky/dry areas – smells delicious. I like to say a happy nose makes for a happy mind and a happy skin.

Step Two (optional):

I like to double cleanse. It’s better in the evening as there is more to remove, but at any time of day double cleansing will leave your skin looking incredible in no time – a top tip the beauty director of Elle Magazine shared with me years ago. For this step, I use the Evercalm Cleansing Gel. The calming actives and subtle scent of orange flower blossom make me feel both relaxed and skin-awake. It’s also very shower friendly if you need to get the job done quickly.

Step Three:

Mix a dab of the Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream with a few drops of Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate. The day cream is our best-selling moisturiser and for good reason. Packed with powerful antioxidants and calming agents, it soaks your skin with a layer of plant-based protection against environmental irritants, dryness, pollution, DNA damage and inflammatory pigmentation release.

Step Four:

UV light can still penetrate windows, so I do wear an SPF when working near sunlight. Our SPF Mattifying Face Sun Screen also offers blue light protection, and evidence is emerging that blue light does in fact trigger inflammation and pigmentation, especially in darker skin tones. The added rice extract will keep you looking fresh and non-greasy. Best applied by pressing over face and giving it 5 minutes to warm to the skin.

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