Review: Lululemon In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra

This Lululemon In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra review is part of our 2022 SELF Certified Activewear Awards, where the bra won Best Yoga Bra. You can see the rest of our award winners here. 

We’d argue that the most essential item to your low-impact workout ensemble, is a good sports bra. Style is important, of course, but above all, a low-impact sports bra should be functional and provide a barely-there feel. You should be able to flow through yoga, pulse your way through Pilates, and plie all day at the barre without tugging, adjusting, or feeling constricted by your sports bra. In essence, it should bolster your movement practice through gentle support and softness.

Enter Lululemon’s low-impact In Alignment bra. It was our tester’s first experience wearing a Lululemon sports bra, and spoiler alert: She’s a convert. Here’s why it earned a spot on our list of 2022 SELF Certified Activewear Awards winners.

How We Tested 

Our tester wore this low-impact sports bra for a high-sweat (but no jumping) HIIT strength workout and a lower-sweat yoga class to see how it performed. Take a look at all of SELF’s criteria for buying the best sports bras here.


This sports bra is geared toward lower-impact activities like yoga, strength training, barre, and Pilates. Light-support sports bras should give your breasts some breathing room and are typically made with stretchier fabrics. Our tester found that the In Alignment bra hugged her bust nicely, and since it runs slightly small, it inadvertently provided support that way. (It’s not recommended to wear bras—or any clothing—that’s too small for a workout, as this can cause chafing or other issues. However, the tight fit of this bra kept our tester feeling locked in. If you prefer more breathing room or are in between sizes, size up.) 


The bra comes in two versions, one for A-B cups and the other for C-D cups, so it’s important to make sure you shop the proper style for you. That being said, the bra does stop at a D, so it’s generally made with smaller breasts in mind. Our tester said the material had enough stretch and softness to make up for the snugness. And as previously mentioned, the tighter fit made higher-impact activities, like HIIT, doable in this bra.

Cut and Style

This bra has a low-cut scoop neck, wide straight straps, and a hook-and-eye closure at the back. Our tester liked the hook-and-eye closure for getting the bra on and off but noted it might feel more strange in public workouts, as it closely resembles an everyday (read “non-sports”) bra. This bra also offers shape through sleek, built-in molded cups, so your breasts won’t feel squished together or, on the other hand, blocked by unruly floating cup inserts. The band falls right below the breasts and is nice and thick for optimal coverage and support around the torso. 

Strap Style

This bra has wide straight straps, as opposed to criss-cross or racerback straps more common in sports bras. Our tester found this both comfortable and flattering—it was nice not to have to hold any support in the back of neck or upper back, where a racerback often holds the most tension. The In Alignment bra straps are adjustable as well for a personalized fit.

Ease to Put On and Take Off

Our tester found the In Alignment bra extremely easy to put on and take off. The hook-and-eye closure, like that of a non-sports bra, makes putting it on feel like second nature. Plus, there’s no peeling a sweaty bra over your head at the end of your workout. 

Moisture Management

Though the fabric is supersoft, our tester said it still wicked sweat really nicely, thanks to its lighter, technical fabric. Plus, despite the bra’s thickness, it dried more quickly than the average sports bra.


The In Alignment bra’s buttery soft and stretchy fabric wowed our tester. “This is the first time I’ve ever worn a Lululemon bra, and I jumped right on the bandwagon,” she wrote. “It’s the cashmere of sports bras.” Made with nylon and elastane, it’s lightweight and quick-drying—without being scratchy.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the light-as-air supportive structure and soft fabric of Lululemon’s In Alignment bra, our tester felt fully equipped to take on yoga classes and sink into her body and awareness. “I wasn’t even thinking about the bra while wearing it,” she said, “and I think that’s the sign of a good bra.” It also has a sexy, flattering silhouette—which always helps. 

Available in sizes 2 to 14.