Ridgefield Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer Greg Herzog, Trademarks…

Ridgefield Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer Greg Herzog, believes that we have a major Healthcare Crisis on our hands and he believes he has the answer with LANISTA™ a recently trademarked system to find your own process for performance, fitness and weight loss.

Everyone is talking about Healthcare, but its also about you doing your part too IN DEFENSE OF FITNESS® and taking personal responsibility.

What we need right now is a National Campaign to get in shape and get healthy. “Feel better about ourselves and survive”. Its not longer about vanity. Its not too late to change!

There has been no emphasis on diet, exercise or health, it’s just “figure it out yourself”. Shame on the media and government in not emphasizing how important diet and exercise are. Covid has now made it an issue.

Why couldn’t they have gotten behind a campaign “get healthy so the virus doesn’t kill you challenges.” Dr. Fauci, The Surgeon General and The CDC don’t mention one thing people could do, lose weight and get in shape.

So many lives could have been saved if the medical community took this on as a campaign. “You need to do something now its your chance to change your life”.

We need to stop glamorizing gluttony. Diabetes isn’t a theory. Its a life and death issue. Stop with the body positivity. This is fundamental as to who lives or dies; being overweight is a not a good thing, out of shape even worse. With Covid 19 you are twice as likely to have poor outcome if your Obese. One study found that people with BMI of 35-40 risk of death increases by 40 percent and with a BMI over 40 percent percent by 90 percent compared to those not living with obesity.

Even mildly obese increase chance of landing in ICU by 5x.Our food, diet and lack of fitness is killing too many of us.“Poor diet and fitness is the leading cause of mortality.” NYT Countries with the lowest rate of obesity have had the least Covid deaths,ours is 42. We had 40k deaths from obesity in August.

Obesity is already killing us slowly, mix it with Covid and its lethal; it kills you fast.

Obesity is linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, eyesight, memory, pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, immunity and gastrointestinal conditions not to mention Covid. This is science, not me. Why do we have so many preexisting conditions? Fat. Europe not like this. We weren’t always like this before. We have been conditioned to fail at a very young age with no emphasis on proper diet and exercise. Its only wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance. Nothing about exercise, diet, inflammation health, or immunity.

The good news; its not too late. Call today and find out more about LANISTA™

Greg Herzog is a Celebrity Trainer and owner of OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS in Ridgefield CT and Fairfield County for over 25 years, Author of the Fifteen Minute Executive Stress Relief Program, published by Putnam. Voted as one of the Top 50 Trainers in U.S. Greg has over two decades experience in the field of Health and Fitness.

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