Sammy is celebrating TWO successful weight loss journey’s with the Healthy Mummy!

Having had great weight loss success following her first baby,  Sammy has done it a second time, losing 30 kilos in just 7 months! First time round Sammy lost 25 kilos taking the total amount of weight lost over two pregnancies to 55 kilos!

“I have learnt to love myself and most days my body and be happy with my wobbly bits and stretch marks because I have 2 beautiful children to show for it”

Read about Sammy’s results below
Sammy’s First Weight Loss Journey

Sammy Miller’s first weight loss journey with The Healthy Mummy came after her first baby was born two years ago. By the time Sammy’s baby was 7 months, she was miserable with herself, weighing heavier than did when she was pregnant. She jumped on board with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and had some great weight loss success.

Sammy say’s “My first journey I just followed the Healthy Mummy recipes and did a bit of walking but not too much exercise in general and lost the 25kgs in 5 months!”

Sammy’s Weight Loss Second Time Around

After falling pregnant with her second child, Sammy admits to losing her way with her healthy lifestyle. Seven months after her second baby was born, she’d regained much of the weight she’d lost the first time around.

I knew The Healthy Mummy worked but I just kept on waiting for “the right moment”. My daughter was about 7 months old and we had her christening and when I saw the pictures I again hated myself and the way that I looked. I knew how unhealthy I was.”

At 115 kg, Sammy knew what to do. She rejoined with The Healthy Mummy and got straight back to it.

Sammy’s Weight Loss Results

In the 7 months since rejoining, Sammy has lost 30 kg’s and is now the smallest she’s been in about 7 years.

“I am currently sitting at 85kgs and my ultimate goal is 75kgs. This leaves me with 10kgs to go! I have lost an amazing 30kg. So over the course of both of my journey’s,  I have lost 55kgs with The Healthy Mummy”.

Physical and Mental Benefits

“I now have more energy to run and play with my children rather than just sitting on the floor and watching them play. I can bend over and tie my shoes comfortably again, I can see my toes when I look down, I can breathe easier and  I don’t feel like my heart is beating a million miles an hour to keep up with my overweight body anymore.

My mentality has changed so much, I no longer hate myself and who/what I am. My husband and I have a much healthier relationship because im no longer taking out all of my insecurities on him. 

I am in a much happier head space right now to the point that I have even been able to start my own at home business and be happy doing it rather than it feeling like a chore.” 

Using The Healthy Mummy App

Sammy and her family enjoy the meal and snack recipes from the Healthy Mummy App and mostly stick to the pastas, lasagnes, stir fry, pies, wraps, salads, veggie bakes on offer.

We have the Healthy Mummy Meals To You most nights and usually one night a week dinner with family or going out.”

Sammy has also incorporated The Healthy Mummy Smoothies into her daily routine.

“I have a smoothie for breakfast every single morning. When I have time to use the blender I use the caramel or banana smoothies because I find them to be the most versatile flavour wise, but if I am just mixing with milk I love the honeycomb flavour. But I am so excited to try the new premium smoothies when I have a little extra cash.

Sammy has also stepped up her exercise and is loving the new Weights Workouts and 28 Day Stronger Workouts in the App.

Sammy’s Three tips for success

  1. Dont be too strict! You can still enjoy the things you love in moderation once or twice a week as long as you add it to your calories.
  2. Make a vision board and put weight values. Make small achievable goals along the way, I broke mine down into 5kg goals and at each goal, I would give myself a new reward (massage, sneakers/shoes etc)
  3. Don’t focus on the scales too much! Use photos and measurements to measure your success as well! Or even little non-scale victories like being able to touch your toes for the first time in years.

Sammy’s has some great advice for other mums who are starting out on a weight loss journey.

She says, “It is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it! It will be a rollercoaster ride of up and downs, happiness and sadness, amazing moments and not so great moments! But remember your why and make sure that you have a reason! Without a reason, you will not be able to keep your motivation.” 

“Don’t give up on yourself for a few little slip-ups or mistakes.  Remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT!”

Wise words Sammy and CONGRATULATIONS on your great result!

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