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Video GP service Livi has found that a quarter of men have never checked themselves for signs of testicular cancer. Kinda worrying, since testicular cancer numbers are up 24% since the 90s. So get familiar with how your balls feel so you can notice when things change. It could literally save your life. 

The 5 most recognisable signs of testicular cancer 

– Lumps – 77% knew this was a sign 
– Enlargement of testicles – 58%
– Pain or discomfort in testicles – 46%
– Heaviness in scrotum – 34% 
– Difference in appearance between testicles – 33% 

Dr Rhianna McClymont, lead GP at Livi, has talked us through how to check.

– The best time to check is during, or after a warm bath or shower as this helps to relax the testicles and makes them easier for you to examine.

– Hold your testicle in your palm and gently examine each one with your thumb and forefinger. 

– You’re looking for any type of abnormality, or difference in feel. Your testicles should feel smooth and firm, but not hard. 

– Make sure you check yourself regularly and if you notice any lumps, or hardness in the testicles, get yourself checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. 


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