Should You Fundraise For Your Weight Loss?


Posted at 11:18h, 15 November

Sorry but this is a not a helpful idea, I managed 1min 46sec and had to stop. Poverty is terrible the world over, there are plenty of us who are working who have to watch the pennies and keep our fingers crossed that the car doesn’t break down. But luckily in the UK we have the NHS and a benefits system in place (I know not perfect but what is?).

Addressing the issue of financial incentives for weight loss – it just won’t work because the motivation is all extrinsic and the individuals themselves are not taking responsibility for fueling their own motivation to lose weight. This means that at the first hurdle, or if the funds were to stop, they would revert to their previous behaviours.

The first question I would ask before contemplating any financial support is what is their daily diet? How much of it is refined and processed? Having money to buy fresh produce means nothing if you are not prepared to cook and eat it because you are addicted to sugar/carbs.

Until an individual integrates their motivation into themselves- that is truly believes in the process and the reasons for the need for behaviour change – then they will not be able to maintain motivation to reach the goal.

So would I give money to help someone lose weight – the answer is no and I don’t think it should be encouraged. Would I give time and help to someone committed to their own weight loss journey – yes because that person is likely to succeed once they have made that decision to consciously challenge their behaviour and it is then that support becomes priceless as motivation, like deodorant, doesn’t last forever and that’s why it has to be reapplied.