Slimming World calls for new government to act on obesity

Slimming World’s five manifesto calls are:

          1. A national voice for obesity

The NHS’s weight management programmes and assessed referrals systems are not working effectively. Slimming World is calling on the Government to take responsibility for commissioning local, effective weight management programmes that deliver a low-cost intervention on a national scale.

          2. Training for health professionals to enable sensitive and skilled conversations about weight

Slimming World is calling on the Government to develop and implement mandatory national training for all professionals who interact with people who are overweight and obese, which must be underpinned by the understanding that anyone who struggles with their weight should be treated with kindness, care and compassion.

           3. Clear guidance on healthy weight management in pregnancy

There is strong evidence of the risks of obesity and excess weight gain in pregnancy and yet there are no UK guidelines on what constitutes a safe weight gain. Slimming World is calling on government to introduce routine weight monitoring at key stages of pregnancy for all women, regardless of starting BMI. We also call for the introduction of clear guidelines on safe and healthy weight gain in pregnancy.

          4. The Government must raise awareness of the calories contained in alcohol by supporting clear labelling on alcoholic drinks

Most non-alcoholic food and drink products must display calorie information on the labels yet alcohol is exempt. Slimming World is calling on the Government to mandate that industry introduces clear calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks so that the public can make their own informed choice.

          5. Protection for young people and families

Slimming World’s research highlights a pressing need for support for families and young people to make healthier choices around food and drink along with changes to the way supermarkets market to their consumers. Slimming World is calling on the Government to implement policy and incentives for industry to ensure businesses are responsible when it comes to selling, labelling and incentivising the purchase of high-calorie food and drink.


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