Spelt Explained by Sharpham Park

Keep reading as we talk with Sharpham Park to give our customers a rundown on the nutritional benefits of spelt, the differences between spelt products, and what positive effects spelt flour and other alternative pasta, cereals and grains can have on your digestive system.

What is spelt?

High in fibre and rich in micronutrients, minerals and vitamins, spelt has been recognised as a wonder grain for centuries. Its slow-release energy made it the ‘marching grain’ of the Roman Army, and Hildegard von Bingen, an 11th-century abbess considered by many to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany, praised it as, ‘good for the mind, body and soul.

Is spelt better for you?

Given today’s depleted diet, which has contributed to food intolerances, poor gut health and bloating, this delicious and versatile ancient grain now has more to offer us than ever. We believe that the roots of our happiness, health and wellbeing lie in the richness, bounty and beauty of the natural world, so we manage our organic spelt farm sustainably. We employ crop rotation to enrich and restore the soil, eschewing the harsh insecticides that damage our natural immune systems and create bug and bird-free wastelands. We leave two-metre margins around our spelt fields and cut the hedgerows only every other year, making a haven for wildlife – from Lapwing to skylarks, butterflies, bees and hares to dormice, deer and damselflies – by offering shelter and foraging, all year round.

Different variations of spelt

Our spelt product range includes a wide variety of different types of grains, pasta and flours – here’s a rundown on how we create some of our most popular spelt products.

Organic pearled spelt

Pearled spelt is produced by bouncing the grain over rotating stones to remove the outer layer of bran and “pearl” the grain, this means that during cooking it soaks up all the flavours of the food. Plus it is high in fibre and a good source of protein. It makes for the perfect risotto.

Organic Spelt Flour

Spelt Flour is stone-ground using traditional methods. This preserves the micronutrients and natural oils within the grain. We currently produce four different types of flour, which are perfect for all baking recipes including organic white and organic wholegrain, organic bakers blend and organic spelt and rye. We are shortly launching an organic Heritage Flour which is a mix of Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn.

Organic Spelt Pasta

Organic spelt pasta is bronze drawn ensuring its rough porous texture binds perfectly with sauces, it also comes in certified compostable packaging.

If you’d like to find out more about spelt, you can explore its wonders in “Spelt”, a definitive collection of spelt-based recipes by Roger Saul, Sharpham Park’s founder. For more information please visit www.sharphampark.com

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