Stop Snacking!

The first step is realizing that changing your behavior is within your control.

Recently at an NPC event, I ran into a client, and as usual, the first words out of my mouth were, “How’s it going?” alluding to her training and nutrition. She beat around the bush and then proceeded to tell me that her training was going great, but as far as her diet she was “trying.” I asked my client what she meant by “trying” and if she was “riding the nibble train,” i.e., eating extra food between her meals. Knowing she had been called out, she replied that she was indeed snacking between meals and nibbling throughout the day. My response to this was as straightforward as it gets, “STOP IT!” Sounds simple, right? We all know that to just “stop” an unwanted behavior is easier said than done, but if you don’t overthink it and realize that you have this power to change already within you, just stopping it may be easier than you think.

To say you will “try” to change a behavior is in essence saying that you may or may not change, and if you do not change, the effort will be good enough. Trying is fantastic when learning a new skill, increasing your weights when lifting or increasing your cardiovascular endurance. These types of challenges take consistent effort over time, and the harder you try, the better you will become. But when it comes to not nibbling on food between meals or cheating on your diet, there is no skill to be mastered, no summit to be reached. Not cheating on your diet is basic; either you do it or you don’t. And if you are someone who does, you need to simply STOP IT! The first step is realizing that changing your behavior is within your control. Here are some tips on how you can simply “STOP IT” and stick to your nutrition plan!

1. Absentminded Eating

Do you find yourself reaching for a handful of this or that when you are working at your desk or doing things around the house? Absentminded reflexes of hand-to-mouth eating can ruin the diet sacrifices you make during mealtime. When you start to drift into absentminded eating, STOP and walk away. Most of the time you will realize that you weren’t even hungry, but that it was a simple learned behavior to nibble.

2. THEIR Food vs. YOUR Food

One of the most difficult things to deal with when following a nutrition plan is what everyone else eats! Whether it’s your husband, kids or roommates, you can’t expect everyone else in your life to change their nutrition habits to match yours. Due to this, there will most likely be food items in your house that are NOT on your healthy nutrition plan and the temptation to grab a nibble here and there can be overwhelming. Separate your food from their food in a different pantry. Do not open their pantry unless it is to cook their meals – take out what is needed and then close the door and walk away! Their food is NOT your food, so STOP IT!

3. BITES Do Matter!

It may seem as if you should be losing weight because you are not eating fast food, rich dishes or desserts on a regular basis. However, if you’re doing what I call “riding the nibble train” and eating extra bites of food here and there, your sacrifice during mealtime will be wasted! Eating extra bites of even clean, healthy food items adds up and derails your weight-loss train! By realizing that every extra bite slows your progress, and reminding yourself of this whenever you start to nibble, you are much more likely to STOP IT and make a change!

4. Feeding Your Emotions

Many women feed their emotions when feeling sad or blue. If you recognize these triggers within yourself and understand that feeding your emotions will not make you feel better or help the situation, you can STOP the behavior before it happens.

5. Enjoy a Good Meal!

Enjoying one good, moderate cheat meal per week can keep you on track. By eating something you enjoy on a weekly basis, you will be much more likely to STOP yourself from cheating on your diet because you know that there is a reward in sight.

When it comes to following your nutrition plan, there is no “trying” about it! If you are cheating regularly, STOP IT! If you ride the “Nibble Train” throughout the day, STOP IT! Keep this simple phrase in your head and realize that the solution to reaching your weight-loss goals is exactly that, simple! STOP the behaviors derailing your weight-loss train and I will see YOU in “Leanville”!