Sulfur Sensitivity: What to Have in Mind

In the vast majority of people, sulfites do not cause any problems. This means that people can enjoy a glass of red wine and feel no unpleasant effects on their body. Sensitivity to sulphites can be detected through a special test and reveals much about our good health. If you think you might be one of those people who are susceptible to sulfur, read on!

Ways of Preventing Sulfates

Be careful with the wine you consume, as well as with the grape juice. All kinds of wine and juice contain some sulphites naturally, and some have sulphates. If you read the label carefully, it indicates if it has done so. In that case, look for another product so you don’t risk it.

In all supermarket food labels, it is mandatory to indicate the addition of sulfur. So if you are in any doubt about a packaged product (such as a can, for example), read on and get informed. There is no other way to protect yourself.

In dried fruits, prefer less attractive varieties on the face. This proves that they have probably not been enhanced by the addition of sulfites. Therefore, although you may not like the way they look, you will love their recommendation. That’s what counts the most!

If fresh ingredients from a restaurant are not used, then the chances of eating sulphites are greatly increased. As a result, your health is at risk. That is why it is necessary to inform in advance of the materials used by each restaurant or each food establishment. Better to spend some time researching than feeling frustrated after eating an unhealthy dish.

Potatoes, seafood, and various fruit-based products are the usual suspects to add sulfur, along with of course the various wine varieties and preserves.

It is advisable to use a food diary. When you’re feeling a little weird, look at the foods you eat. This will give you all the information you need to understand what is right for you and what is right for you. If you keep this calendar for a reasonable amount of time (for example a whole month), the information you collect will be truly impressive.

Of course, it is reasonable to worry about some foods that may contain additional sulfites. Fortunately, over time the conditions of production and packaging of foods are evolving. Thus, a wine produced in a modern environment with modern bottling techniques may contain only traces or even no sulphites. Something similar can happen with all other processed foods as well.

Therefore, it is good to research and be informed about substances that may harm your health. This is the only way to stay healthy and pleased with your dietary preferences, and avoid possible problems.

Best of Health,