Super Strong Fitness Trainer Nathalia talks health and fitness before and after kids

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Nathalia has a wealth of experience with tips and advice to help you on your fitness journey. 

We spoke to Nathalia about all things health and fitness before and after having kids, and what advice she has to keep motivated and strong.

As a mum of 2 and former prestigious Olympia competition winner, Nathalia knows everything there is to know about fitness and health for mums. She has graced the covers of Cosmopolitan, HERS and Fitness RX. As a Pre- and Post-Natal Certified Trainer and mother of two, Nathalia knows how to adapt her workouts during every stage of a woman’s life.

Nathalia says, “As a mother of two and someone who is incredibly devoted to this lifestyle not only for our bodies, but also for our minds, I have made it my personal mission to empower and help women to live a fitter and healthier lifestyle in ALL stages of their life!”

Nathalia knows first hand how having kids can impact on a mums fitness.  She says “my fitness has changed a lot since having my kids because I don’t have lots of hours to spend in the gym anymore. I need to be in and out. I need to be efficient. A lot of the workouts that I do in the gym could easily be done at home so I think that making my workouts more time-efficient, more intense and shorter is definitely how it has changed since having my kids.

Nathalia’s Story and Tips and Advice

When did you become interested in health and fitness?

“I’ve always been into fitness. At 14 I trained and joined a gym. When I had kids it was a different ball game.  After kids, I wanted to make sure what I did was safe and did not harm me long term.  That’s when I started to become interested in doing was safe workouts that were going to give me results.”

How heavy were you at your heaviest after giving birth and what do you weigh now?

“I gained around 35 kilos after birth, I was around 80 kgs. I now weigh 56 kgs.”

What did you do to get in shape? Can you give details about your weekly exercise regime and diet?

“After I had kids and had the all-clear from the doctor, I started going to the gym three or four times a week. I would drive there and it was an hour round trip. My son was very colicky and had reflux so I would pray he didn’t wake up!   It could take anything from 45 minutes to three and a half hours to get the workout done. But I didn’t give up!  I would sort out the baby and work around him and make a routine.  On the days it was just too hard, I would work out at home but I  stayed consistent. If I couldn’t work out I would go for a walk –  I would do something! I took one day at a time.”

“After my daughter was born, it was just about making time to eat and watching my diet. Just making sure I stopped and sat down to eat. Being prepared by meal prepping helped, so I didn’t just stuff my face with cake!”

What about your routine now?

“My routine now is that I prefer to train at the gym four times a week. I train there because I love the environment. I also do yoga twice a week. 

“I also have 3 to 4 family-based meals a day and watch my calories eating clean with good snacks like nuts.” 

What was a typical day on a plate before you started the weight loss?

“I definitely gained extra weight during pregnancy as I had very bad morning sickness with my daughter so I ate a whole loaf of bread a day which really contributed to weight gain. I also ate a lot of high-calorie food.  With my son  – he was born 10 days early and was in ICU so didn’t care what I ate as I just focused on the baby and was so stressed at the hospital and eating anything.”

“Now, they are older I get through being healthier, not obsessing about food.  My weakness though is ice cream so I try not to keep it in the house! If I want it I buy a smaller portion. I don’t limit myself to what I eat,  cookies,  ice cream, wine it’s all ok in moderation. It’s all about portion control and knowing your weakness.” 

What are your top healthy eating tips?

“My idea of healthy is a balanced eating approach.  I don’t like telling people what they should eat Eg carrots and only sweet potatoes!  You will always be exposed to foods; it’s how you accommodate your portions rather than limiting yourself. So have the ice cream – just not every single night.” 

What are your top fitness tips? 

“Don’t give up!!! Sometimes people have this idea that because they missed one day of training or had one bad moment eg eating the tub of ice cream,  that it’s broken. It’s not. Just dust yourself off and start again. Turn healthy into a habit like brushing your teeth and remember that consistency gives long term success. Everyone is looking for that magic pill and that magic pill is within you!!

What’s your advice to mums starting out on a journey to better health?

For new mums, if you have just had a baby I encourage you to understand that you must respect your bodies.  It’s easy to compare yourself with others on social media.  Social media is fantastic but can make mums feel they are trying to compete. Take time and understand you have just had a baby.  You will get to your goals so be kind to yourself.”

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