Sustainable Picnic Essentials

Disposable plates, cups and cutlery go hand in hand with picnicking but as we become a nation dependent on picnicking to socialise with friends and family and to get outdoors, it’s essential we consider the environmental impact of all those single-use plastics and go down a more sustainable route.

So, we’ve collated our favourite reusable picnic essentials that you’ll use time and time again, from our own stainless steel lunchbox to carbon-neutral water bottles. And, they’ll come in handy when you’re back in the office too. Let’s do this sustainably.

Here are our favourite low-waste hygiene products to help reduce plastic consumption and make an impactful difference.  


Planet Organic The Everyday Stainless Steel Lunch Box


Swap out regular plastic containers for a stainless-steel, BPA-free alternative. Our Planet Organic everyday lunch boxes are an excellent, sustainable food storage solution and will fit comfortably in any bag or basket.
Whilst it may be tempting to invest in plastic containers as a quick-fix, storage solution, our Planet Organic Everyday Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes are non-toxic, less wasteful and arguably more hygienic. When plastic begins to degrade over time from hot water and cleaning products, the surfaces become scratched and difficult to clean. Whereas investing in a stainless steel container presents fewer opportunities for bacteria to accumulate, allowing you to use time and time again whilst working towards a more thoughtful lifestyle.


Black+Blum Cutlery Set & Case


Whilst plastic cutlery may seem like a good quick-fix solution for your alfresco plans, plastic knives and forks are usually thrown out after one use and end up in landfill. It may appear to be a minor inconvenience, but under the surface these plastic utensils are usually too small and too contaminated to recycle, which ends up equating to around 40 billion plastic utensils per year going to complete waste.

Make a smart swap this summer and invest in a portable, stainless steel cutlery set. The Black+Blum Cutlery Set & Case contains a stainless steel knife, fork and spoon that comes complete with a case for carrying home used cutlery. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic forks for good.


Last Straw


As we all become increasingly aware of the detrimental effects single-use plastic straws has on the environment, with the government banning the use of plastic straws completely in 2019, now is the perfect time to consider investing in a reusable straw.

Whether you’re off to a picnic or you’re hosting your own for your loved ones, the Last Straw Reusable Straws are a sustainable alternative you’re likely to ever forget to bring with you.
Thanks to its unique telescopic design with the ability to extend to up to 19cm in length, the Last Straw is able to fold up into a convenient portable case. The case also comes complete with an added keyring chain, so you can enjoy your fresh beverages in the sunshine and have a handy straw with you at all times.


24Bottles Clima

One of the biggest brands championing sustainable change, 24Bottles’ range of Clima Bottles are completely reusable and are zero-emission. The ultimate synthesis of compact design and thermal resistance, whether you’re picking up a coffee on the way to your picnic, or you’re keeping orange juice fresh and cold for later, the Clima bottle’s unique design offers the ability to keep drinks hot for 12 hours, or cold for 24.

Not only are these stainless steel bottles completely plastic-free, but 24Bottles also offset all emissions from production to transport with the charity Treedom, who plant trees to help farmers and communities. So making this conscious swap to 24 Bottles reusable drink containers helps the environment in more ways than you originally intended. Take a look at our full range of 24 Bottles, each sporting an array of abstract patterns and colours for the style-conscious among us.


Abeego Beewax Food Wraps

Consider swapping out your regular plastic containers for a number of reusable beeswax wraps instead.

Abeego’s range of beeswax wraps provides an excellent selection of different sized wraps to keep your snacks safe and secure. The large wraps can easily be shaped around food and bowls or folded into packages to store food. The beeswax wraps unique design allows the wraps to mold around any shape, so whether you’re wrapping up picnic goods, or covering serving dishes at home, these wraps will keep food fresh and secure, eliminating the need for plastic containers or clingfilm.


S’nack by S’well


Designed intentionally for on-the-go, S’nack by S’well, offers a stylish, sustainable range of food containers that are both lightweight and easy-to-carry. Making picnic days or alfresco work lunch hours a complete breeze, these containers are the perfect plastic-free food storage solution.

Available in an array of colourful, playful designs at Planet Organic, S’well’s double-layer stainless steel boxes keep food either hot or cold, with innovative temperature-controlled insulation. Reduce the use of single-use plastics that pose a threat to the environment and pack up your picnic in a sustainable, portable tote box that can be used and enjoyed time and time again.