Taking The First Step: Amazing Loser Charlie Babington

What do you eat now?

Now, first and foremost I drink 5 litres of water/squash every day. That’s huge for me and has made such a difference.

I have Weetabix for breakfast or if I’ve got more time I’ll have an omelette. I prepare lunches for the week on a Sunday and that’s been massive for me. It has stopped me surfing for a drive-thru while I’m at work. It’s normally chicken/turkey/beef with half a pack of rice, with some veg/salad.

Dinner is normally from the Pinch of Nom books. Or it’ll be salmon with veg, jacket potatoes etc. We don’t compromise at home, it’s never felt like a diet! Then in the evening, we have things like Skinny Whips or Fibre One bars for the sugar craving. I hit about 2000 calories a day, where before I was having 4000+ easily. Scary really.


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