Thanksgiving Day Made Easy with These 14 Time-Saving Make-Ahead Sides

My husband and I each have our favorite must-have side dishes for Thanksgiving. He loves mashed potatoes and gravy, while homemade dinner rolls and cranberry sauce are a must for me.

We both want stuffing and green beans to have a place at the table. Yet, that still leaves sweet potatoes, soup, and salad off the menu, which I would regret. And the kids? Well, they’re just here for the pie. All told, that is nine sides, plus a turkey, to get on the table all at the same time!

The reality is that with a little planning, I can serve all the sides we crave and still sit down to eat before the hangries set in. The key is to use recipes that can be made ahead of time while taking advantage of the slow cooker and Instant Pot.

We may not sit around the table with extended family and friends this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to forsake the comfort of a classic Thanksgiving meal that includes all the side dishes we look forward to eating all year long.